Lei Fanpei, Vice Chairman of ZTE Corporation, quits

In the afternoon of February 9th, ZTE Corporation announced today that Lei Fanpei resigned as a non-executive director of ZTE Corporation.

The announcement stated that the company's board of directors received Lei Fanpei's written "Resignation Report" on February 9, 2012. Lei Fanpei asked to resign as a non-executive director of the company and the vice chairman of the fifth board of directors and member of the remuneration and appraisal committee of the board of directors due to work adjustment. Lei Fanpei's resignation took effect when the "Resignation Report" was served on the board of directors. After resigning, Lei Fanpei will not hold any position in the company.

The board of directors confirmed that Lei Fanpei's resignation did not cause the company's board of directors to fall below the statutory minimum number of members and did not affect the company's board of directors' normal work. ZTE Corporation will complete the director by-election and follow-up work as soon as possible.

Lei Fanpei, male, graduated from Northwestern Polytechnical University in 1987 with a major in solid rocket motors. He later obtained a doctorate in engineering and holds the title of researcher. From 1987 to 2002, he worked in the Ministry of Aerospace Industry. In April 2002, he served as the president of the Sixth Academy of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation. In March 2010, he was elected as the vice chairman and non-executive director of ZTE's board of directors.

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