Marvell: TD multi-carrier technology improves terminal experience

Marvell, which uses memory chips, mobile terminal chips and network equipment chips as its core products, has been active in the TD terminal market this year, and several TD smartphones based on Marvell chips have been launched this year. Recently, Marvell China Marketing Director Wu Huixiong said at the 5th Mobile Internet International Symposium that Marvell will continue to increase investment in high-end, multi-core and multi-carrier products for the greater opportunities in the smart terminal market next year.

Complete technical system supports product innovation

Marvell ’s mobile chip business has previously experienced a series of acquisitions, including the acquisition of Intel ’s communications and application processor business and the UT Starcom PHS chip business in 2006, the acquisition of Skyworks ’RF Tranceiver business in 2009, and the acquisition of UI company Kinoma in 2011 Waiting for the formation of a very complete technology, personnel and product reserves in the mobile business.

Wu Huixiong said that TD smartphones have shown explosive growth this year and there will be greater market returns next year. At present, the dominant force of the TD mobile phone market operators is gradually increasing, and the overall market concentration is relatively high. Marvell has formed a cooperative relationship with a number of terminal manufacturers in the front of the market. Currently, there are 17 smart terminals using Marvell TD chips, including the industry The first TD smartphone with a sales volume of more than one million ZTE U880, the first ultra-thin TD smartphone Huawei T8300, Lenovo's A66t recently released, and Samsung 5820, MOTO MT620, BlackBerry 9788, etc.

Towards multi-carrier on the basis of high-performance single chip

The above-mentioned series of TD smart terminals used the PXA920, a smart machine single-chip solution integrating AP and CP launched by Marvell in 2010. At that time, the chip was released to solve the long-term lack of high-performance TD terminals. . PXA920 adopts 55nm process, supports 3D and other functions, and can save about 20% of power consumption, which strongly promoted the development of TD smart terminals and thousand yuan OPhone market from 2010 to 2011.

The 920 family products also include the PXA918 for entry-level terminals, and the PXA 920H for the mid- to high-end market with a main frequency of 1 GHz. According to Wu Huixiong, the performance of the Marvell 1000 Yuan smart phone solution has surpassed that of the same grade WCDMA mobile phone. "Next year, we will continue to increase product innovation, and there will be dual-core solutions for the high-end market. In 2013, we will mainly promote dual-core TD single chips."

At the recent International Communication Exhibition, Marvell also highlighted the industry's first multi-carrier TD-HSPA + communication chip and data card reference design. In the joint test with manufacturers, the TD Internet card based on Marvell PXA 1202 and the multi-carrier technology base station can achieve a single user rate of 5Mbit / s to 8Mbit / s.

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