China Mobile TD mobile phone tender details and TD smart phone market competition analysis

The large-scale tender for 6 million TD-SCDMA mobile phones that everyone is expecting was announced recently. Although it has not been announced on the official website, it is basically known in the industry. In order to satisfy more unknown readers, Chang Xu wrote this article, shared it with everyone, and will analyze the future competitive state of TD chips.

This bidding is Spreadtrum's biggest victory. Spreadtrum's high hope SC8810 is shortlisted for two of the three smartphones. Feature phones are all swept. However, MTK is not bad, showing you the strength of its dual-core MT6517 in high-end smart phones, and hinted at the MT6577's expectations in the WCDMA market.

The bidding also showed the great strength of China ’s IDH (mobile phone design company). It is reported that five of the six winning mobile phones were designed by IDH in cooperation. On these advanced platforms, IDH used its strength to prove to the industry that it is an irreplaceable group and a group that can bring great value, especially in the era of fast fish eating slow fish. At the recent stage, the mode of cooperation between brands and design companies is still the mainstream in the Chinese market.

The specific details of the winning mobile phone are as follows:

The six models won the bid: the multimedia smartphone ZTE U960S3; two popular smartphones: Haier I617, Konka V926; one CMMB functional machine: Tianmai A18; two entry-level functional machines: Tianmai T58, Haier U58T.

Among them, ZTE U960S3 uses MT6517 + AST001 platform, dual-core 1G CPU, 4.3-inch screen. ZTE is completely independent design.

Haier I617, using Spreadtrum SC8810 platform, 3.5-inch screen, was jointly developed with the design company Guolong. Guolong is a design company separated from Qianlongqi. It may take a 499 yuan package, but it will not go soon, because it will have a huge impact on the 3.5-inch smartphone on mobile existing channels.

Konka V926, Spreadtrum 8810 platform, 4.0 inch screen, jointly developed with the design company Xun Rui. May take the 599 package, which will have great lethality.

Tianmai A18 CMMB function machine, Spreadtrum 8800 platform, 3-inch screen, developed in cooperation with design company Zhantang, may take the 299 package. This is the only CMMB phone this time.

Tianmai T58, entry-level functional machine, Spreadtrum 8801 platform, developed in cooperation with design company Wentai, may take 199 packages.

Haier U58T, entry-level functional machine, Spreadtrum 8801 platform, developed in cooperation with design company Yizhong. May take the 199 package.

The six winning TD mobile phones need to start shipping in July, and China Mobile will provide priority for the storage of these winning mobile phones. However, unlike previous years, China Mobile is not underwriting after centralized mining, and manufacturers still need to sink to do their own marketing, but there are still many advantages.

In the first half of the year, China Mobile did not exert any force. The number of mobile phones that were tendered in the first quarter began to increase in April, and the difficulty of storage testing is a big problem. After the bidding of China Mobile, the manufacturers are required to ship in July and will complete the storage test for these winning mobile phones before the end of June to provide them with storage priority. This shows that China Mobile must accelerate. In the first quarter of this year, China Mobile only shipped about 11 million TD phones, including about half of TD smartphones. According to this process, it is difficult to complete the annual target of about 70 million.

In fact, in addition to China Mobile's centralized procurement, social channels are brewing outbreak, because the TD chip platform with high cost performance has been frequently offered. In addition to the Spreadtrum SC8810 platform mentioned above, MStar also released its TD platform MSW8868 last Saturday. MSW8868 uses a single-core Cortex A9 core, 1G frequency. In addition to the dual-core 6517 + AST2001 mentioned above, MTK's single-core 6515 + AST2001 also has certain competitiveness, and it is said that the AST3001 with integrated RFIC will be launched in the second half of the year, which will give MTK a certain advantage. There is also a Lianxin LC1810 that makes everyone's eyes shine on the dual-core A9 architecture, which was also released in mid-May. For TD, this May is really a "Red May".

Of course, in the second half of the year, Spreadtrum will also launch the next generation of dual A5 products. Next year, Spreadtrum will launch a quad-core A5 platform. Spreadtrum's strategy is obvious, it is to use A5's high cost performance to meet competitors. MStar will also launch a dual-core A9 TD platform in the second half of the year, and quad-core will also depend on whether the situation is pushed. At present, although Marvell, the leader of the TD smart phone market, did not receive the tenders, their single-core A9 PXA978 in the second half of the year is still worth looking forward to.

With the above cost-effective platforms, coupled with the vigorous promotion of chip manufacturers in the second half of the year, and the shift of design companies to TD, the open channel market of TD smart phones will definitely explode in the second half of the year, and some in the industry expect the open market to reach 3000 in the second half of the year. The data of more than 10,000 units is because the trend of replacing GSM function machines with TD smart phones under 500 yuan is the general trend, and the habits of Chinese consumers buying through channels will not change.

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