July 2012 China Tablet PC Market Research Report

In July 2012, for the Tablet PC market, it was a relatively calm month. The impact of the new iPad launch has basically subsided, and the Windows 8 tablet will not have much action in the near future. This month, Android products continue to regain lost ground, while iOS products continue to decline slightly. In terms of the brand structure, Apple still maintains its leading position. Some local brands have performed well this month.

Report points:

• The proportion of Apple iPad products is still ahead, but the downward trend continues.

• Local brands performed well on the Android tablet market.

• The Apple iPad two-generation products swept the top two tablets in the overall market.

• Android Tablet PC products are concerned about Samsung's shortlisted products but the first one won by Lenovo.

• The most popular products in the price range of 2000-3999 yuan, the total attention rate exceeds 50%.

• Significant improvement was noticed in the proportion of the 7-inch and 16-gigabyte storage products.

First, the brand attention pattern

(I) Tablet PC Market

• Apple still has the highest degree of attention

In July 2012, the top of the tablet brand watch list was still occupied by Apple, with a percentage of attention of 37.0% leading the second Samsung 22.2 percent. In the third place is Lenovo, concerned about the proportion of 9.2%. Other concerned about the proportion of more than 3% are Newman, Yuan Dao, Asus, and Zhizhi, ranking third to sixth with 7.9%, 4.9%, 3.4%, and 3.3% respectively.

• The original small outbreak ranked fifth

There hasn't been much change in the tablet PC brand watch this month. The top four are Apple, Samsung, Lenovo, and Newman. The brand worth mentioning this month is the original road. Its product attention ratio rose from 2.0% in the previous month to 4.9% in this month. The ranking also rose from the 8th in the previous month to the 5th in this month.

(II) Android Tablet Market

• Local brands bloom

In the Android tablet market this month, Samsung topped the list with a ratio of 23.8%, closely followed by Lenovo, with a ratio of 14.7%. Newman was ranked third in the proportion of 13.3%, only 1.4% behind Lenovo. The original road, ASUS, Smart Devices, Sony, and Patriots ranked fourth to eighth respectively, with the exception of Sony, which is a local brand.

Second, product attention to the pattern

(1) Hot product models

1, the overall market

• Two generations of apples top the list

In July 2012, the Tablet PC brand watched the list. Apple’s The new iPad (16GB/WiFi version) and iPad 2 (16GB/WiFi) products took the first place and the second place, and the attention ratio was as high as 16.0%. 10.1%. The remaining list of products are less than 4% attention. Among them, Samsung was shortlisted for three products, and the original route was short-listed for two products, while Lenovo and Newman each entered one product.

• Android 4.0 products occupy five seats

In July, in the overall market of tablet PCs, the products with the most attention on the list of products were Android 4.0 operating systems. The number of finalists reached 5 items. There are 3 short-listed iOS products, and no one using the Windows operating system products. Among the shortlisted products, the highest price is Apple's The new iPad (16GB/Cellular), which sells for as high as 4,688 yuan, while the lowest price is the original road N70 dual-engine (16GB) is priced at 799 yuan.

2, Android market

• Legend Music Pad A2107 (16GB) is the most popular

In July, the Android tablet concerned about the list, the most popular is the Lenovo Music Pad A2107 (16GB) brown version, which concerns the proportion of 5.2%. In second place is the Newman S1 Dual, with a 5.1% concern, which is only 0.1% behind the first place. In addition, the brand with the largest number of short-listed products is Samsung. There are a total of 4 products that are listed as followers and have a good overall ranking.

• Android tablet should not only be cheap

In July, China’s Android tablet market’s 10 most-watched products had 2 products with a price of more than 3,000 yuan, and 3 products with a price of 2000-2999 yuan. However, the capital of these products was not just a high-end configuration. . How to improve their added value, this should be a problem that many manufacturers should be thinking about. In addition, of the 10 products that were included in the list of Android tablet PCs concerned this month, 6 are 7-inch products and 8 are 16-gigabyte storage products.

(II) Product price segment

• The highest popularity of 2000-3999 yuan products

In July 2012, the tablet PC market had the highest product popularity of 2000-3999 yuan, and its total attention ratio exceeded 50%, of which the attention ratios of 2000-2999 yuan and 3000-3999 yuan products were 25.6% and 25.1% respectively. The percentage of product concerned for the product of 1000-1999 yuan was 19.0%, which was an increase of 3.9 percentage points from the previous month. The proportion of product concerned for 4000-4999 yuan decreased by 4.9 percentage points this month to 10.0%.

(III) Product Feature Structure

1, product operating system

• Android products continue to heat up slightly

In the tablet PC market in July, the percentage of Android tablet products concerned was 58.9%, which was an increase of 1 percentage point from last month. If this trend can be continued, the proportion of Android tablet products concerned may reach another breakthrough in the next month. to make. In contrast, the percentage of products focused on iOS tablets this month was 37.0%, down by another 2.1 percentage points from the previous month.

2, the product screen size

• 7-inch product heat continues to climb

In July 2012, the proportion of the 7-inch products on the tablet PC market reached 27.6%, which was only 17.9% due to the new launch of the Apple iPad in April this year. This month, the 9.7-inch product's focus was 45.9%, which is still the most concerned product size. As for the proportion of concerns for other size products, there has been no significant change this month.

3, product storage capacity

• The highest popularity of 16GB storage capacity products

This month, the proportion of products with 16GB of storage capacity on the tablet PC market reached 65.1%, which exceeded 60% for the first time. The proportion of products concerned with 4GB, 8GB, and 32GB of storage capacity has declined to varying degrees this month, with declines of 1.5, 1.8, and 1.3 percentage points, respectively.

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