How to install software Skyworth box?

TV has entered every household, TV box as an auxiliary device on the television side has also become a popular electrical appliances. The people who have achieved this are still very much in pursuit. Whether it is in fluency or quality, this affects the visual enjoyment. Do you have any attention in the following situations? The existence of a TV box can not only be used to watch live TV, but also to watch video on demand, play games, listen to music, and so on. Just install Android software on the box and you can add various functions and various methods to the box. So below, I will teach you how to give your Skyworth box a way to install software.

The first step: You need to prepare the software installation package. I will use "Cloud Audio and Video. Tai Jie" as an example. You can download this software from the official website of Tai Jie and put it on a USB flash drive.

Step 2: Connect the HDMI cable to the TV and the box, connect the box to the Internet cable, turn on the power, and plug in the USB flash drive.

Step 3: Find the Media Center on the main screen of Skyworth Box System, then click on File Management, and then find the installation package for “Cloud Audio.Tate” from the external storage device.

Step 4: Click to install the "Cloud Audio.Thailand" installation package. After a while, it will show that the installation is complete. Return to the desktop of the box system and find the "Cloud Audio.Tai Jie" icon to open the TV program. La.

Novice you, did you learn? Can you already install this software on your box? "Cloud Audio and Video. Tai Jie" is a software with a large number of genuine video, has more than 50 TV stations, a large number of sports broadcast live broadcast live broadcasts, live CBA, and live concerts. In addition, "Cloud Audio and Video. Taijie" also has a huge amount of TV dramas, variety shows, movies, animations, etc., all of which are free.

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