FH8735 is in multiple channels. Application of 264 HD Video Coding System

1 Introduction

After the development of analog era, digital era and network era, video surveillance products have gradually entered the era of high-definition. HD video has a qualitative leap in video quality compared to traditional SD video. In the past, due to many factors such as chip encoding capabilities, network bandwidth and storage technology, high-definition video has not been widely used. However, with the rapid development of video encoding, IC design, broadband network and mass storage technologies, high-definition video applications The main obstacles have been cleared. The H.264 / AVC video coding standard has excellent coding efficiency and can greatly reduce the network bandwidth and storage capacity requirements of high-definition video transmission. It is widely used and has become an inevitable choice for high-definition video coding.

At present, high-definition video surveillance has been concerned and applied by more and more industries. The common characteristics of users in these industries are the need for higher definition video images. In September 2008, Shanghai Fuhan Microelectronics Co., Ltd. launched the FH8735 H.264 encoding ASIC and corresponding solutions. It has a single-chip one-channel 1080p @ 30fps or two-channel 720p @ 30fps high-definition video real-time encoding capabilities. It is currently the most competitive high-performance video encoding chip on the market and can greatly meet the development needs of high-definition video.

Based on the FH8735 chip, Fullhan Microelectronics has launched a series of high-definition video product solutions, such as high-definition network camera solutions, high-definition network video server solutions, and PCI high-definition video compression cards.

After more than a year of market testing, FH8735 has been widely used in various fields such as video security monitoring, video conferencing, remote education, telemedicine, high-definition screen recording and personal consumer electronics.

2 Introduction to FH8735 HD encoding chip

FH8735 is a high-performance audio and video encoding chip that supports the H.264 Main profile and Baseline profile video encoding standards. It can encode and control one 1080i and two 720p HD signals in real time. While encoding video data, it also encodes related multi-channel audio data, and completes audio and video synchronization, outputting compressed code streams in formats such as ES / PES / PS / TS. Each internal function module of FH8735 is shown as in Fig. 1.

The main technical features of FH8735 are as follows:

1) Super coding performance

The H.264 encoding of FH8735 is completed by pure hardware, which has the characteristics of high encoding ability, high encoding quality and low power consumption. FH8735 supports video input with a maximum resolution of 2048x1024, and supports 1 channel 1920x1080 @ 30fps or 2 channels 1280x720 (1280x720 @ 60fps) real-time encoding. The comparison results of typical video coding show that at the same bit rate, FH8735 is close to the video coding quality of JM12.0.

2) Rich peripheral interface

FH8735 supports a variety of high-definition video input modes. The data format and synchronization mode of high-definition video can be configured. It can receive digital video output from CMOS / CCD modules and video decoders:

Support ITU-R BT.709 / SMPTE 274M (24Bit 4: 4: 4 YCbCr, 16Bit 4: 2: 2 YCbCr, RGB 24 (8: 8: 8));

Support SMPTE296M-2001 (24Bit 4: 4: 4 YCbCr, 16Bit 4: 2: 2 YCbCr, RGB 24 (8: 8: 8))

Support 8bit 4: 2: 2 YCbCr;

Support internal synchronization and external synchronization;

In addition, FH8735 also has a variety of peripheral interfaces such as SPI / PCI / SD / UART / I2S / GPIO / I2C / MAC.

3) Patented code rate control technology

FH8735 provides four kinds of code rate control strategies: fixed quantization coefficient (QP: quanTIsaTIon parameter), constant bit rate (CBR: Constant Bit Rate), variable bit rate (VBR: Variable Bit Rate) and average bit rate (ABR: Average Bit Rate). Each algorithm has been carefully optimized to adaptively detect and judge the video scene in advance, so as to ensure the subjective quality of the video, and at the same time make the encoder output rate smooth and stable, to ensure the efficiency and stability of network transmission.

4) Flexible function settings

In addition to its high-performance video encoding capabilities, FH8735 provides rich video pre-processing functions and flexible video encoding options. The search range of the encoder, Intra prediction type, GOP length, number of reference frames, encoding code rate and code rate control method, encoding Profile and Level, etc. can be flexibly set according to needs, so as to ensure the decoding with different decoding capabilities For seamless docking. In addition, FH8735 supports multiple image processing functions such as de-interlacing, de-noising, multiple text and graphics OSD superimposition, image screen reduction, motion detection, and other input processing of the input video. It also supports capturing the original video signal without loss for the host to perform Some intelligent analysis and processing such as license plate recognition, face recognition, etc.

There are two independent DDR controllers inside FH8735, which can connect two sets of external DDR SDRAM. Configure one or two sets of external DDR SDRAM according to the actual system requirements for encoder performance. For example, when encoding a 720p video, you only need to configure a set of DDR, thereby reducing the system BOM cost.

5) Optimized design of ultra-low latency real-time coding technology

In high-definition video systems, system delay is also an important consideration. FH8735 reduces the internal delay of the entire video encoding by supporting flexible image segment encoding. For example, when encoding high-definition video in 720P format, the time for each frame of data to enter the system buffer is about 16.7ms. The time from the first valid line of the image to the input of the system buffer to the timing of the encoder to output the entire frame of compressed code stream can be controlled within 20ms. This ultra-low latency real-time coding technology can greatly reduce the end-to-end delay of the entire system, thereby improving and enhancing the user's subjective experience.

2 Multi-channel HD video coding board based on FH8735

In order to meet the early evaluation and development needs of FH8735 in high-definition encoding applications, Fuhan provides a reference design for a multi-channel high-definition video encoding card based on FH8735. The high-definition encoding card supports high-definition video input of DVI / HDMI and YPbPr interfaces and PCI host interface, which can complete the collection, encoding and sending of high-definition video to the host through the PCI interface. The reference design supports Windows XP and Linux. Fuhan provides corresponding drivers and evaluation software, and can modify firmware to meet customized functions according to user's specific applications.

The system diagram of the multi-channel HD video encoding card is as follows:

3 Conclusion

FH8735 has a single-chip 1-channel 1920x1080 @ 30fps high-definition video real-time encoding capability, and is the most competitive new-generation high-performance video encoding chip on the market.

FH8735's high performance and ease of use provide new options and space for high-definition or multi-channel video compression applications, which can significantly improve customer product performance and reduce development time.

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