EPA states that LED lights must comply with the V1.1 specification as of April 1, 2012

[High-tech LED News] Qualified lamps that pass the ENERGY STAR standard must pass three luminaire specifications, namely residential luminaire specifications, SSL luminaire specifications, and V1.1 specifications.

Changes in the ENERGY STAR standard based on LED solid-state lighting (SSL) products have caused confusion in the short term. The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has established a unified list of ENERGY STAR qualified lamps and plans to update it twice a month. This list will harmonize V4.2 residential luminaire (RLF) specifications and SSL V1.3 luminaire specifications to meet luminaire products under the V1.1 luminaire specification. The list of qualified ENERGY STAR qualified lamps can be sorted according to the characteristics of light source technology, color temperature and luminous efficiency. It can be downloaded from the EPA Lighting website.

The EPA plans to update the product qualification list by April 1, 2012. After this date, all manufacturers' luminaires must comply with the luminaires specified in V1.1. Old specifications such as the V4.2 Residential Lights (RLF) specification and the SSL V1.3 luminaire specifications were also discontinued in mid-September 2011.

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Specification:1×(1.0~185)mm2, 2×(1.0~50)mm2, (3~4)×(1.0~185)mm2, (5~37)×(1.0~2.5)mm2

Executive Standards:IEC60092-350, NEK606

Application:The cable is mainly intended for power, lighting and control system of offshore units, the codes P1/P8, P5/P12 meets the mud resistant requirements in NEK606.

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