Entry level fighter armor GT220

NVIDIA high-end GeForce GTX400 series graphics cards have already entered the market one after another, with strong performance and perfect support for DX11 features, making the 4 series of graphics cards get a very wide range of attention. And the launch of the GTX460 is to turn the whole gamer's appetite, GTX460 The price of this video card is only 1299 yuan in the market, but the overclocking performance is as high as 40%, which makes this video card the graphics card industry's most concerned about the graphics card player. For the 4 series, although there is good performance, However, the price has always been unacceptable for low-end players, so the low-end card is still the biggest hot spot in the market.

Now the entry-level graphics card market is very active is NVIDIA GT240 and Radeon HD5550, the same price of 499 yuan, but for how to choose these two graphics cards, consumers still do not know these. From the point of view of Radeon HD5550 DDR5 memory and Support DX11 technology has a great advantage, and the latest energy-saving chip used by GT240 has good results in energy-saving power control, and the memory bit width is also higher than the HD5550 is 128bit, we can not judge from these aspects Who is the two cards, so today we have to compete on the two graphics cards, in the end who is the entry-level tyrants.

We use the most authoritative test card theoretical performance software to test, the highest score is the highest performance. In the same bit width memory different circumstances, armored GT220 DDR3 Templar and Radeon HD5550 D5 in 3Dmark two software Under the test, the armored GT220 DDR3 has the advantage of both the 64-bit HD5550 and the 128-bit. Although the Radeon HD5550 has the DDR5 memory, it still cannot beat the GT220.

Anyone who buys a discrete graphics card is definitely bought to play the game. To test the performance of these two graphics cards in today's mainstream games, the editor will join the now-launched StarCraft 2 game for testing. From the test results, in the face of today's test results, In the mainstream games, the two graphics cards are still barely able to cope in the operation, but in the interstellar 2 matchup, the HD5550 only went to 16.2, which has a big impact on the entire game. The test results we can see the overall On the GT220 have an overwhelming advantage, obviously HD5550 DDR5 memory does not seem too useful.