Broadcom Announces ADSL Gateway Solution for Emerging Markets

Ultra-low-cost solution for entry-level deployment applications

News highlights:

• The 9th generation ADSL solution with simple design and small capacity memory realizes extremely high cost efficiency;

• Facing emerging markets with numerous connection options, supporting home LAN environment

Beijing, January 24, 2013- Broadcom Corporation (Nasdaq: BRCM), a global leader in innovative solutions for wired and wireless communications semiconductors, announced the launch of optimized entry-level ADSL gateway solutions for emerging markets. The 9th-generation Broadcom BCM6318 ADSL2 + gateway equipped with small-capacity memory provides an ultra-low-cost solution for entry-level products, complementing Broadcom ’s existing xDSL product line. To learn more about how Broadcom ’s innovations can be connected at home, at work, and on the road, please visit Broadcom @ CES.

Greg Fischer, Broadcom ’s vice president and general manager of broadband operator access, said: “As ADSL deployments become more common in emerging markets, they become more mature. Simple bridge products are bound to be more sophisticated and at the same time more sophisticated. Replaced by cost-effective gateway products. Broadcom understands that low-cost solutions must meet the unique needs of these markets and are critical to business growth. We will continue to integrate the desired features and performance into affordable integrated solutions . "

Product Highlights:

Focusing on the entry-level ADSL router and gateway market, BCM6318 enables service providers to take full advantage of Broadcom ’s turnkey software, which covers a wider range of xDSL solutions. Broadcom ’s BCM6318 provides multiple Ethernet ports with expansion ports for USB2.0 and Wi-Fi connections, helping service providers provide a powerful home network experience for entry-level market segments.


BCM6318 has been listed, Broadcom has demonstrated the solution at the 2013 US Consumer Electronics Show.

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About Broadcom:

Broadcom, a Fortune 500 company, is an outstanding technology innovator and leader in the global wired and wireless communications semiconductor industry. Its products assist the transmission of voice, video, data and multimedia throughout the home, enterprise and mobile environment. For manufacturers of information and network equipment, digital entertainment and broadband access products, and mobile devices, Broadcom provides the industry's most complete advanced system-on-a-chip and embedded software solutions. These solutions support our core belief: ConnecTIng Everything®. For more information, please log in:

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