Advantages and disadvantages of OLED analysis

First, the advantages of OLED 1, the thickness can be less than 1 mm, only 1/3 of the LCD screen, and lighter weight;

2, solid state agencies, no liquid substances, so better seismic performance, not afraid of falling;

3, there is almost no problem with the viewing angle, even if viewed under a large viewing angle, the picture is still not distorted;

4, the response time is one thousandth of the LCD, the display motion picture will absolutely not have the phenomenon of smear;

5, low temperature characteristics, can still be displayed at minus 40 degrees, while the LCD can not do it;

6, the manufacturing process is simple, the cost is lower;

7, luminous efficiency is higher, energy consumption is lower than LCD;

8, can be made on different materials of the substrate, can be made flexible display flexible.

Second, the shortcomings of OLED 1, life is usually only 5000 hours, lower than the LCD at least 10,000 hours of life;

2. Mass production of large-size screens cannot be achieved, so it is currently only applicable to portable digital products;

3. There is a problem of insufficient color purity and it is not easy to show bright and rich colors. Modification of the second: The lifetime of the current OLED has been far more than 5,000 hours, and a large-sized OLED panel has been produced, and the color is very bright.