Youku Tudou launches Cloud Entertainment BU to launch three smart hardware

On December 10th news, Youku Tudou Group officially announced the establishment of Cloud Entertainment BU, and Chief Technology Officer Yao Jian will serve as the BU President. At the same time, Youku Tudou introduced three intelligent terminal products: Youku Route Po, Youku Box, and Potato Pie. According to reports, Cloud Entertainment BU focuses on videos, expands its content to games, and connects multi-screen entertainment through a series of smart terminals to create a new entertainment experience with unlimited connections.
Youku box

Youku Route Po

Potato Pie Cloud Entertainment BU is the fourth largest BU group established by Youku Potato Group following Youku, Tudou and Heyi.

Since 2013, Youku Tudou has proposed a multi-screen culture and entertainment ecosystem. In April of last year, Youku Tudou announced the group's BU strategy, which was divided into Youku and Tudou. In August of this year, Youyi Cinema was established. The establishment of the cloud entertainment BU is the fourth largest BU group after Youku Potato Group following Youku, Tudou and Heyi. In this regard, Youku Tudou Group Chairman and CEO Gu Yongsheng said that the birth of Cloud Entertainment BU is another major measure for the Group's multi-screen integration, diversification, and open and win-win strategy. “Our coverage of consumers is further extended and will provide home users with a better video experience.” Yao Jian also said that around the video, the layout on games and smart terminals will ensure that the Group’s content and services reach an effective screen. Players and home users will experience the pleasure of a video game peer and the convenience of seamless connection across the terminal.

Multiple screens and video games

According to Yao Jian, one of the business directions of Cloud Entertainment BU is to expand the scope of entertainment, from video programs to games. For specific operational strategies, it is mainly divided into two parts: the content matrix layout and IP development.

On the one hand, the game content will cover the five aspects of self-control, game think tank, content marketing, UGC and PGC, and live broadcast, and strive to achieve three-dimensional, customized, quality and social and professional. On the other hand, through the development of exclusive games for its own IP and the efficient conversion of outsourced IP transport, Cloud Entertainment BU will be committed to achieving its peers. At present, Youku Tudou has made its own homegrown IP into the game development plan.

In addition, for the entire industry chain of the game, Cloud Entertainment will integrate the power of the entire platform: For R&D enterprises, many of their own IPs can be exported and developed to provide support for distribution and channels; for users, Cloud Entertainment BU will gradually realize the integration of video games. Provide a one-stop community experience. According to reports, as far as distribution is concerned, as of now, Youku Tudou has exposed more than 30 million games, with an average daily distribution of more than 700,000, and achieved a monthly revenue of 3 million on a monthly basis. 5 products in one month exceeded 100. Million.

Three smart hardware with hair

Through intelligent hardware, enhancing the interaction between the screen and the screen, expanding the boundaries of the terminal is another important direction of cloud entertainment BU. To this end, Youku Tudou has released three intelligent hardware products: Youku Route Po, Youku Box, and Potato Pie. Specifically, Youku Route Po is a smart router concept that focuses on “can make money”. The user deposits a deposit of 88 yuan in advance. Youku Lobo can return the corresponding monthly fee according to the loan contribution, and it can be returned within 3 to 10 months. .

Youku box, selling point is the top hardware with fever, the ultimate video experience, massive program content and cool game entertainment. On the one hand, Youku box equipped with ARM Cortex-A17 RK3288 chip, 4K 3D picture quality, can achieve 10 seconds boot; at the same time, Youku box collects Youku potato platform massive copyright, single broadcast content, and through the CIBN broadcast control platform of large home-made programs In addition, Youku box is also united with the Unity and TEA alliances, adapted game shadow guns, will introduce more boutique in the future.

The potato pie has a 15.6-inch ultra-clear screen, and the product integrates Android tablet, TV, network player, DVD, game console and other functions. Yao Jian said that the future cloud entertainment BU will also do more expansion in the entertainment terminal, such as speakers, 3D equipment and other categories. "Games and home entertainment are just the beginning, and we will continue to expand the scope of entertainment."

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