Five can install win10 high with TV

Now, not only is the speed of iterative upgrades for TVs and mobile phones faster, but even Windows, which has always been known for its solidity, has accelerated the pace of updates. Many users have not even used Windows, and the new Windows is already on the market.

In view of the classic curse of Microsoft's operating system, after Windows7, Windows is expected to become the next highly praised operating system. In Windows 10, Microsoft's main strategy is a multi-platform strategy to break the boundaries of mobile phones and computers. Whether it is a mobile phone, tablet, PC, or even an Xbox One game console, it will use Windows. Xiao Bian suddenly brain hole, after the smart TV can also use win10? Then, Windows, after all, is an orthodox operating system, to install the TV, the configuration must also be very powerful Caixing.

Panda LE55H07S-UD LCD TV is a 55-inch 4K TV, the main strong configuration and ultra-clear picture quality, giving users a smooth and stylish experience. This TV is currently priced at 5999 yuan.

Panda LE55H07S-UD TV

Panda LE55H07S-UD this TV uses a ultra-narrow frame design, more prominent picture performance, emphasizing immersion. The feminine unique base design is rather modern and artistic. It is simple but not simple. It makes TV a work of art, highlights fashion, tastes extraordinary, and is breathtaking.

4K Ultra High Definition

The 4K Ultra HD resolution adopted by this machine can bring shocking on-the-spot feeling. Users are exposed to 4K viewing places. Compared to 1080p full HDTVs, which are 3 times the standard viewing distance of the screen height, 4K TVs have a half-distance listening distance and excellent visual effects. At the same time, they can experience unexpected heights. A sense of presence and deep integration.

The system of the Panda LE55H07S-UD is derived from the Android 4.4.2 system and has been fully and deeply customized. It is fully customized for the smart TV screen and operation experience. It is in line with the operating habits of TV users and is easy to learn and use. LPDDR3G's RAM and eMMCG large-capacity ROM, with four-core CPU, eight-core GPU, dual-core VPU luxury 14-core processor, let the TV bid farewell to Caton.

Panda joins hands with China Internet Radio's Internet TV licensee, Galaxy Internet TV, to create a powerful video platform for users with rich resources and high-definition fluency. Panda's exclusive “Mobile Phone Po” and “WeChat Po” applications can support the interaction between mobile phones and TVs. Through WeChat, they can play TVs, and voice can support dialects such as Sichuan dialect and Cantonese dialect.

Galaxy Internet TV Massive Content

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Panda LE55H07S-UD TV is equipped with a 4K resolution, and the picture effect is even higher. At the same time, as long as the user's city has opened a ground wave signal, you can watch wireless HDTV programs for free. It is also very convenient to use mobile phones to share video content.

Product Model Panda LE55H07S-UD

Reference price 5999 yuan

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Recently these months are the season when new products are released by manufacturers. Hisense LED55EC290N is a new TV. The biggest highlight is the new upgraded Vision3.0 system. In addition, the six-core processor is smoother than the system and video decoding. Obviously, there are obvious applications such as good-looking applications. At present, this TV is priced at 3699 yuan in Jingdong, and the cost is higher.

Hisense LED55EC290N

The appearance of Hisense LED55EC290N adopts the popular ultra-narrow frame to expand the horizon. The silver-gray frame is full of fashion sense. The bracket of the same color has a simple appearance, smooth lines and full of artistic atmosphere.

Hisense LED55EC290N uses the latest Vision3.0 UI optimization interface, easy to operate, a key to a variety of video resources, smart applications, etc., also added a classification management module, easy to use, giving users a more handy operation experience.

New Vision3.0 System Upgrade

In today's tightening of policy, the good-looking application of Hisense LED55EC290N provides genuine premium and legally free video services provided by the licensee. The massive video is tailored specifically for Hisense TV, and the vacation resources are updated regularly every week to enjoy a superb viewing experience. .

JuLing offers genuine legal free video content

Hisense LED55EC290N is equipped with a combination of A7 architecture quad-core CPU and Mali450 dual-core GPU processor configuration, while 4GB of memory and built-in Wi-Fi hardware architecture makes TV speed extremely smooth.

Hisense LED55EC290N comes with Wi-Fi

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Hisense LED55EC290N has undergone a new upgrade, not only speed and hardware configuration has reached a new level, the Vision system has also been a new upgrade, to achieve a perfect balance in ease of use and functionality, can be called an excellent system in smart TV.

Sony's full line of new televisions is already on the market, ranging from tens of thousands of flagship 4K TVs to low-end 1080p TVs with RMB 4,000 for the lower Ricardo. Sony KDL-48R550C is one of the entry-level models. Although it is known as an entry-level model, the picture quality is commendable. Although it can't beat its own flagship, it can still be compared to other brands of similar TVs. At present, this new TV is priced at 4,499 yuan during the Jingdong 618 period. Compared to other brands, the entry level is more expensive. However, it is necessary to use quality or to benefit from it, depending on your needs. (As the e-commerce price changes in real time, please be subject to the prevailing price.)

Sony KDL-48R550C TV

In terms of appearance, Sony's TV can be said to be quite distinctive. The Sony KDL-48R550C this TV also continues Sony's style in design, simple and angular design of the body is very clear and competent, and has a sense of science and technology, can Said that this design has become a sign of Sony TV. At the same time on the base Sony KDL-48R550C has also made innovations, the triangular base resembles a pyramid, while the triangle shape is also strong enough.

Using many quality enhancement techniques

The Sony KDL-48R550C incorporates a clear resolution enhancement technology in terms of picture quality, which allows users to enjoy sharp TV images with exquisite texture and detail through intelligent enhanced screen resolution.

Motionflow is Sony's dynamic enhancement technology. The Sony KDL-48R550C is equipped with Motionflow XR technology. The use of frame interpolation makes the TV picture smooth and lively.

Although Sony was equipped with an Android 5.0 smart system for the first time in this year's new TV, as an entry-level Sony KDL-48R550C, it failed to eat "lollipop." Fortunately, there is also BRAVIA network video function for users online. On-demand video resources, but also supports a variety of screen mirror projection, pictures or videos on the phone or tablet can be sent to the large-screen television to watch.

Support network video on demand

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Sony KDL-48R550C as an entry-level television, in the quality of the work done a good task, but the function is really weak, which is the manufacturer's differentiation strategy. However, in the era of entry-level full-scale intelligence, this TV can only beat competitors in terms of picture quality.

Product Model Sony KDL-48R550C

Reference price 4499 yuan

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TCL D49A561U is a new TV, 49-inch size is relatively balanced, whether it is a large-size living room or a slightly larger bedroom study can be competent, applicability is still very good. At the same time this machine is also equipped with a 4K ultra-high-definition screen and 3M colorful brightness enhancement film to ensure the ultimate in clear picture quality.

From the perspective of product performance alone, TCL D49A561U LCD TV has other competitors incomparable advantages, while enhancing the screen display effect, TCL D49A561U LCD TV has added a powerful 4K display technology, control of image details is in place .

In addition, the TCL D49A561U LCD TV also incorporates the top A9 chip processor to improve the performance of the product and reduce the overall power consumption of the product. The performance of the TCL D49A561U processor can be improved by up to 40%, which ensures that the product can be faster in multitasking scenarios. Smoother processing of documents.

In terms of functions, the TCL D49A561U LCD TV provides users with a powerful video resource on demand background, allowing users to find more creative lifestyles. It is worth mentioning that this product also has a powerful application store that can provide users with multiple types of application downloads.

Edit Comment: Such a powerful product is currently sold for only 3,799 yuan at Jingdong Mall. If you are interested in this product, then it is appropriate to purchase it.

Product Model TCL D49A561U

Reference price 3099 yuan

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Sharp LCD-55DS72A is a new TV, in addition to 4x and 1080p Full HD 4K screen, also equipped with Android 4.3 based on intelligent systems, can support more applications. The video resource library that cooperates with BesTV provides a large amount of content resources. The current Jingdong promotional price of 5999 yuan, Sharp as the "Father of LCD", the price of 55 drugs is still quite affordable. (According to the real-time changes in the prices of e-commerce providers, please use the current prices as the standard)

Sharp LCD-55DS72A

The appearance of this TV follows the elegant style of Sharp TV. The iconic logo design is full of sense of identity. Sharp has used the popular ultra-narrow frame element in this machine, highlighting the fashion and at the same time, it has expanded the proportion of the screen and fundamentally improved the perception. The newly designed bridge base is lightweight and firmly holds the screen.

The Sharp LCD-55DS72A is a 4K TV with a resolution up to 38,402,160, which is 4 times more than an ordinary full-HDTV. Users can enjoy 4 times HD at the cinematic level at home. At the same time, the machine supports the latest H.265 encoding format, which can have better picture quality in smaller videos while significantly reducing the bandwidth burden on users.

Movie-level true 4K screen

The intelligent system of this machine has been newly designed and upgraded. The operating system named “Intelligent Intelligent Platform” is very easy to use and easy to use. It is convenient for users with old people and children in the home, and the family can easily operate the TV to prevent TVs from being used. . The Sharp LCD-55DS72A cooperates with BesTV to support massive video resources. At the same time, BesTV's featured Premier League and NBA videos also provide benefits for fans.

Rui intelligent platform is easy to operate

According to the relevant regulations of the country, new digital televisions launched this year have built-in terrestrial digital signal receivers. This Sharp LCD-55DS72A is no exception. As long as the antenna settings are connected, you can receive ground-level high-definition digital signals without the need for an external set-top box. And it's completely free.

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Sharp LCD-55DS72A TV is another masterpiece of Sharp, which is known as the "Father of LCD". While enjoying Sharp's superb picture quality, it also has a rare intelligent system in the Japanese brand. After installing the extension, it can support more. More functions, you can put aside the video platform, install the video website app to watch online video programs, while the ground digital one machine function can completely abandon the shackles of radio and television.

Digital TV one can watch HD for free

Product Type Sharp LCD-55DS72A

Reference price 5999 yuan

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Optical Socket Panel, also known as optical fiber panel or information panel.The main function of the panel is to fix modules and protect cables at the information outlet.Optical Socket Panel is widely used as a termination point for the feeder cable to connect with drop cable. The fiber splicing, splitting, distribution can be done in this box, and meanwhile it provides solid protection and management for the FTTx  network building. It can be used indoor or outdoor. 

Optical Socket Panel

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