Is it really necessary to "headphone" the headset?

For those who enjoy playing headphones and audiophiles, the most important thing to do after buying a product is the “downtime”. Many people may ask what is a downtime. Simply put, the so-called “climbing machine” is to quickly make the audio The components are aged so as to enter a stable state in order to achieve the objective of emitting a high-quality tone. There is nothing in the audio industry that can't be "deaf." Headphones and speakers are naturally worth noting. The most exaggerated is that even decoder chips, audio cables, and even speaker pins have to be deterred.

In a small survey, everyone held different views on wingmanship, and there has been a lack of persuasive teaching on the question of whether or not winging is metaphysical. Some people even think that earplugs are purely nonsense and there is no evidence that The benefits of the machine are more than just causing trouble and delaying the enjoyment of music.

At the same time, the act of taking advantage of this opportunity actually involves physics, psychology, marketing, and the most subjective and disturbing “sound quality” problem. The article also interviewed Matt Engstrom, Shure's director of monitoring products. He acknowledged that the wingman is theoretically valid for large headphone units, but why no one has come forward to give a definitive experimental conclusion? The main reason No company will do this, and it lacks an industry standard for testing headphones.

Big earphones are so, so small dynamic iron earplugs? Shure got a very long use E1 earbuds (released in 1997), but after testing with the new headphones are no performance differences. And Shure's engineers have also come to the same conclusion. Even if this small unit goes through 1 day, 1 year, or even 5 years, his voice will not change unless it is broken.

At the same time, Shure is also a famous manufacturer of professional microphones in the world, because microphones and dynamic headphones are actually the same technology, but Shure does not think that “downtime” is effective for microphones. If you assume that a microphone is on forever, whether it is plugged in or not, then he is always on. In theory, he is always in a 'down' state, but will his audio curve change? ?the answer is negative.

The change in sound quality and timbre that occurs after the so-called hacking machine is actually a kind of psychological “down opportunity”, that is, your brain has adapted to the new sound, and not the sound has changed. For example, you may find that lights of the same brightness will appear brighter in dark places and the same sound will appear louder in quiet places. Actually, all this depends on our own perception system's perception of surrounding things. The elastic change.

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