Dry goods: basic knowledge and classification of LED car screen

The LED car screen is mounted on the car, and is powered by a dedicated power supply. The control card receives and outputs data to the dot matrix LED unit board, and displays the text, picture, animation, and video equipment by controlling the dot matrix. Generally, taxis, buses, and police cars are equipped with LED car screens. It is with the rapid development of the LED display and a set of independent onboard LED display system, the first door panel with ordinary, stationary movement compared to the LED display, its stability, anti-interference, anti-vibration, The requirements for dust prevention and the like are higher. LED car screens have strict control and high requirements on products in all aspects.
Car screen
LED car screen uses car technology as the medium, using LED technology, GSM/GPRS technology, low temperature technology, antistatic technology, anti-jamming technology, vehicle electronic technology to achieve stable information display, because the carrier of its ride - the car can be widely circulated In many places, it has brought great advertising effects and is widely accepted and adopted.
If sorted by color , LED car screen can be divided into three types: monochrome LED car screen, two-color LED car screen, full-color LED car screen.
Monochrome LED car screen : generally has red, yellow, blue, green, white and other colors, mainly used for taxi top display advertising, bus signs on both sides of the bus and on both sides.
Two-color LED car screen : One display has two colors, mainly used for the function screen of the bus.
Full-color LED car screen : also known as color screen, mainly used for display of full-color advertising information in other types of car body. Compared with single-color LED car screen, it usually has larger area and higher production cost, but the effect of playing advertising is better. .
If classified by carrier , LED car screen can be divided into taxi LED car screen, bus LED car screen, LED mobile media car.
Taxi LED car screen : including taxi roof screen, rear window screen, etc., mostly single and double color LED strip screen, mostly used to scroll some text information.
Bus LED car screen : It is mainly used to display street sign information on buses, and most of them are single and double color LED displays.
LED mobile media car : Also known as LED advertising car, it is mainly composed of modified large truck body and LED display screen. The screen body has high protection level such as waterproof and sun protection. High-definition highlights full-color display of advertising information, delicate and rich details to show the screen audience a more intuitive visual impact, thus achieving better advertising results.
If classified according to the way of advertising , LED car screens are mainly divided into serial type / U disk type, GPRS type, GPS type and so on.
Serial port / U disk type : Suitable for situations where the number of vehicles is small or the display content of the screen is not changed frequently, such as the bus station display. When changing the display content of the screen, you need to use a serial cable to connect to the computer to change, or you can save the content to be changed into the USB flash drive before plugging it into the USB interface of the LED display.
GPRS type : When the total number of vehicles reaches a certain number, it will be very troublesome to change the display content of the screen one by one; in addition, it will be very troublesome to encounter the situation where the display content needs to be changed frequently; therefore, the screen content is directly realized by computer remote control. The changes can bring more convenience to our customers and achieve more with less.
GPS type : GPS type and GPRS type are the same in terms of publishing information display. In addition, the addition of GPS is beneficial to the management of taxi companies. Since GPS will take satellite time at any time, the GPS-type LED car screen is better than the GPRS type in terms of ad synchronization.

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