Win10 Cloud screenshots look like short-lived WinRT

[Abstract] Windows 10 Cloud is Microsoft's operating system that is used against Google Chrome OS. The screenshots that were exposed recently remind people of Windows RT.

The Verge Chinese Station reported on February 5

A few days after the announcement of Microsoft's plans to fight against Chrome OS, this operating system named Windows 10 Cloud was first exposed to us. It is rumored to be a lightweight operating system for low-end PCs in education and business.

However, judging from the screenshots of the media recently exposed, it is difficult to find any difference between it and the regular version of Windows 10.

According to ZDNet, Windows 10 Cloud can only run Universal applications from the Windows Store, which is probably why we did not see any difference in appearance. At the same time, this inevitably reminds us of Windows RT, which was released with Windows 8 in the past. The latter is undoubtedly a short-lived operating system.

The current information on Windows 10 Cloud is still very limited, and we do not know it is any different from Windows RT. But from this set of exposure screenshots, it may be released in April together with the Windows 10 Creators Update upgrade. (Author: Micah Singleton, the compiler: Sean)

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