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PConline Tips Nowadays, online shopping has become a trend. It can be as large as a car (Masrati: Say me?), as small as a battery, can be bought online, and for home appliances, many people will still love it. Starting from a traditional physical store, after all, it can be seen and touched. If necessary, it can cut prices and be more practical. So when we usually buy home appliances, how can we really savvy and lean to get benefits?

Xiongtai, if you are not in a hurry, start with various festivals

If you frequently purchase online users, you should know that you have heard about Taobao 11.11, Jingdong “sweet purchase 11 days”, Suning’s “Pingjing Battle”, Gome’s “True Battle 11.11” and other types of promotions, except that Jingdong is simply walking online. Sales routes, Taobao, Suning, and Gome all involve online and offline sales, with greater coverage.

The author believes that the purchase of home appliances from mainstream e-commerce sites is more reliable, especially today's e-commerce sites have made a lot of progress in logistics and after-sales services. Jingdong's logistics has also covered many townships in the 3rd and 4th-tier cities. And most of the large-scale e-commerce sites can do first-tier cities to place orders in the morning and they will be able to deliver the goods on the same day. There is no reason to return 7 days for no reason.

In general, if it is not urgent use of home appliances, many businesses each year at a fixed time to fight some time, waiting for the opportunity to start, buy a high cost of the product's chance is very large.

Seeing major holidays buying and buying

The above is said that the major e-commerce business is in full swing between various e-commerce companies and e-commerce giants. In traditional holidays, businesses will naturally have a lot of promotional discount activities to boost their popularity. Online and offline merchants will do various promotions during holidays such as May Day or Eleventh Golden Week, and this major holiday will also have more promotional efforts than ordinary promotions. Choose to purchase at this time. Home appliances are naturally easier to buy at the best price.

Of course, your favorite product may also be a favorite product of others. Good things are sure to be more popular. Merchants are likely to adopt limited-edition and end-of-sale promotions on major holiday holidays. Therefore, they really want to use it. The best price to buy their favorite products, we need to determine in advance their own purchase goals, such as Suning, Gome this cable online and offline channels with the same price, we can both online and offline, which channel can be bought Which channel to buy.

Don't bother, you can purchase payment vouchers for payment

If you are optimistic about a certain home appliance online, if the product is expensive, it also supports the payment method such as the official gift card of the electricity supplier. If you do not bother, you can purchase a certain amount of credit on a certain treasure. The gift card for payment, such as the Jingdong e card, Suning gift card, the United States and the United States red coupons, etc., the corresponding website will have a corresponding voucher, the number of seating purchase on the line. Discounts paid with gift vouchers or vouchers are generally discounted by 7%. Therefore, the value of gift certificates or vouchers will only be reflected in e-commerce proprietary products that have a slightly higher purchase price.

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"In-person" help? Price may be lower

Trustee ask? This is indeed a good way. If you happen to have a friend who works offline or works at your favorite home appliance brand company, you may wish to ask a friend to ask if there is a lower discount or employee discount channel, especially in your When buying more expensive products, maybe someone with an acquaintance will ask you for an unexpected discount. All in all, if you have an acquaintance to help you get a bigger discount, this may be the most time-saving way to buy the best home appliances.

Check in new home, buy a set of appliances together

The author believes that many people will see the offline electronics stores will purchase a certain amount of activities such as iPhone or iPad, and this kind of activity is very common. This is for consumers who need to purchase a whole new set of home appliances to stay in new homes. Saying that choosing the next online store to buy a complete set of home appliances at one time not only has the opportunity to cut down on bargains, but also has the opportunity to receive some of the more valuable gifts, which is equivalent to getting a big discount.

Shop around, do not blindly shot

Understand the product can be compared to the first three, this we spend some time online can compare the different prices of various businesses, you can also online on the product performance parameters and features a detailed understanding of the final, whether it is online or offline purchase , You can do a good job, but also greatly save the time spent offline screening.

Rational purchase, do not add money party

When many people purchase home appliances, they see better products always subtly deny their previous choices. Before buying, we still have to choose the right products within our own budget, whether online or online. Under the merchandise, we must savvyly distinguish some of the business promotion methods. We have encountered some products with great discounts. We might as well spend more time looking up the price of this product in various channels, and then determine whether the price of the product is the first to increase prices. After the discount, but actually there is no such discount.

Summary: For the question of how to purchase the most cost-saving appliances, different people will have different approaches. In general, we still have to insist on rational consumption. Consumers who like careful planning will have to buy the best through various channels. The price of products, especially some large home appliances, often used for a longer period of time, quality and stability is undoubtedly very important. Therefore, while focusing on commodity prices, we must also comprehensively measure the reputation and quality of products.

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