Q&A: What is the principle of preheating the electric car battery?

Regarding the principle of battery preheating, the technology used by each manufacturer is different. Some are installed with heaters around the battery, and some are heated by heating the battery coolant, but the targets are the same, so that the battery is in normal operation. temperature.

Q: What is the principle of preheating the electric car battery?

A: In the winter, the battery life of electric vehicles will generally shrink greatly, mainly because of the low temperature, the electrolyte viscosity of the battery rises, and the battery's charge and discharge performance decreases. In theory: in an environment of minus 20 degrees Celsius, it is forbidden to charge the lithium battery (which will cause permanent damage to the battery).

Q: What are the parameters such as Roewe ei6 battery life and battery capacity?

A: Roewe's products in recent years have made great progress in terms of appearance, interior and technology. Therefore, more and more people are paying attention to Roewe's new energy products.

The current news about ei6 is that the new car will be launched in May this year. The power system consists of a 1.0T engine and an electric motor. The total fuel consumption per 100 kilometers is 1.5L. Of course, this comprehensive fuel consumption has limitations, mainly depending on the user's travel radius and travel radius. Small, often charging is really very fuel-efficient; it is hard to say if you have a large radius.

Regarding the parameters of pure electric life and battery capacity of ei6, SAIC has not yet announced it, but with reference to Roewe e550 and eRX5, it is expected that the battery capacity of ei6 is also around 12kWh, and the pure electric battery lasts about 60km.

Q: BYD Qin is the front or the back of the motor. Is the motor used to realize the four-wheel drive? Still just a precursor? Is Qin a wet or dry gearbox?

A: Fans who ask this question can be regarded as veteran fans. BYD Qin's motor is in front, and the motor and engine can only make Qin a precursor.

And BYD Tang uses electric motors to achieve four-wheel drive. BYD Qin uses a 6-speed dry dual-clutch gearbox.

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