Landing application of unmanned helicopters on sports platforms

Original Title: Landing Application of Unmanned Helicopter on Sports Platform Based on Multi-Variant Feature Stereoscopic Pose Measurement Technology

Unmanned helicopters (hereinafter referred to as UAVs ) have the advantages of low requirements for take-off and landing, no casualties, and low prices. However, for small sports platforms such as non-aviation vessels, due to tonnage restrictions, the size of the flight deck is small, The flight deck has a complex movement of six degrees of freedom during the voyage. After the experimental simulation and analysis, the key technologies for realizing the precise autonomous landing of the UAV on the motion platform include two aspects, one is the high-precision relative position measurement technology of the UAV, and the other is the UAV precision flight control technology. Among them, the high-precision and high-reliability relative pose information is a prerequisite for the UAV flight control system to achieve accurate landing control.
At present, the typical moving target relative pose measurement technology mainly includes differential GPS measurement, radar measurement, infrared TV measurement and so on. Due to the wide application of GPS and the relatively mature technology, differential GPS positioning based on dynamic base stations can obtain relative position information of centimeter level. The method has the advantages of high precision and simple use, but has large-capacity data real-time transmission when performing relative pose measurement, and has high requirements on the bandwidth of the UAV measurement and control link; the radar guidance method has the function of searching and intercepting the target around the clock. And the ability to track, and because of low transmission power and narrow wireless beam, it is not easy to be intercepted, discovered and interfered by the enemy, but it is necessary to install a wireless beacon in the drone machine body, which increases the load burden of the drone; infrared TV measurement can It provides accurate relative position information of the aircraft and the landing point. This method is highly resistant to electromagnetic interference and can work when the radio is silent. However, its action distance is close, which is an intuitive and accurate autonomous guidance method.
Based on the demand for the corresponding attitude information of the aircraft and the motion platform during the landing of the UAV, this paper proposes the working mode of the attitude measurement system during the landing of the UAV, and the relative position of the final approach phase of the landing of the UAV. At the attitude measurement requirement, a multi-variable feature relative pose measurement method based on stereo vision is proposed, which can meet the high-precision requirement of the relative position and attitude information of the drone in the final stage of landing.

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