TD LTE band allocation

In 2012, China ’s IMT frequency plan was officially released. On the basis of the 3G frequency plan in 2002, the 2500MHz-2690MHz frequency band was designated as the TDD operating frequency; the 2300MHz-2400MHz frequency band was mainly used indoors. China's clear spectrum planning at 2.6GHz and 2.3GHz, especially the 2.6GHz full-band plan for TDD, reserves sufficient spectrum resources for the promotion of TD-LTE in China.

After the introduction of the spectrum planning plan, China Mobile will have three frequency bands available for TD-LTE network construction. The first segment is the F band from 1880MHz to 1900MHz. This band has been allocated for TDD when the 3G license is issued, and Allow the TD-SCDMA of this band to be upgraded to TD-LTE; the second segment is the E-band from 2320MHz to 2370MHz, which is used for indoor TD-LTE coverage; the third segment is the D-band at 2600MHz. Used in the frequency band of 2570MHz ~ 2620MHz. In addition, the frequency band originally used for PHS is now used for TD-SCDMA, and it can also be clearly used for upgrading from TD-SCDMA to TD-LTE. At present, the industry concentration has been achieved in the D frequency band.

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