Digital card

The color digital PVC card uses the latest color laser/color inkjet printing technology and prints directly onto special paper for production. The production cost is low, and all kinds of true colors including portrait cards can be produced. At the same time, unlike the color printing PVC card, it is required to batch and easy to use. Is currently the most popular card. Can be used for portrait cards, badges, business cards, temporary residence permits, attendance certificates, medical certificates, work permits, service cards, customs declarations, taxation certificates, conference permits, membership cards, discount cards, student cards, driver's licenses, press cards, traffic police on duty cards, etc. Production. The card can print personal color photos, names, numbers, titles, logos, unit department names, bar codes, etc., and is not limited by the number of absolute photo quality, clear and vivid, on-site production, greatly reducing the card production cycle. It adopts advanced color digital technology, can obtain the illustrated card in tens of seconds, and can print a variety of bar codes, in particular can print two-dimensional bar code, but also directly read and write magnetic card / IC card in the production process, so that Reading, writing, printing integration.

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