Wu Zheng?矗涸擞? Center symbiosis and common prosperity

——Interview with Wu Zheng, the top ten marketing person of China Lighting Industry in “Chenhui Cup”?

Gold cups and silver cups are better than word of mouth. As a marketing person, we are absolutely not afraid to make a joke with the word of mouth, otherwise it is to throw their own rice bowl.

- Wu Zheng??
OPEC takes the lead in launching NVC to drive the industry

Reporter: Mr. Wu, hello! Congratulations on winning the honorary title of “The Top Ten Marketing Persons in China's Lighting Industry”! In 2002, as a guest, you participated in the 2nd Light Expo of Guzhen. After that, it seems to be “hidden name”. Until NVC implemented the “Operation Center Model”, you began to become a household name in the industry. When you first implemented the "Operational Center Model" at NVC, there are many criticisms from outside. What kind of mentality do you face with various rumors?
Wu Zheng? 矗 紫 紫 灰 灰 灰 灰 灰 灰 灰 灰 灰 灰 灰 灰 灰 灰 灰 灰 灰 灰 灰 灰 灰 灰 灰 灰 灰 灰 灰 灰 灰 灰 灰 灰 灰 灰 灰 灰 灰 灰 灰 灰 灰 灰 灰 灰 灰 灰 灰 灰 灰The operation center model was successfully promoted, and the lighting industry was inserted into the wings of soaring!
In fact, in 2003, Op Lighting hired Guangdong PAOS as a consultant. The topic at that time was “re-engineering model and career innovation”. I was the host of this project at the time, and finally I was named after the design of the marketing model of Op. For the "operational center model", it is different from Other branching companies, office models or factory direct supply and other marketing models. This model is based on the industry's upgrade process from the product competition stage to the channel competition stage. The channel model is an effective solution. It is a system engineering. Oupu uses this model and embarks on a rapid development channel.
At the beginning of 2005, NVC Lighting also hired us to consult on the marketing model change for two years. In 2006, I also presided over the specific work of NVC in the same year as the general manager of marketing. NVC's model changes have a large coverage, dramatic action, and great impact on the industry. Through two years of operation, this model has been solidified as a basic system of NVC. This change has been a test of NVC's shareholding volatility in 2005. In 2006, it promoted the value of NVC's enterprise from more than 200 million yuan to nearly 2 billion yuan.
In the past three or four years, the operation center model has never been widely used. In addition to Op, NVC, it is understood that brands such as Qianli, Haohao, Jihao, and Auxo are using this model as a channel. The main model confirms its vitality and sustainable development capabilities.
As for how others evaluate, I don't pay much attention. I only care about whether the companies that our PAOS company has served have developed rapidly. As long as the business operations are successful, rumors will naturally vanish.
The operation center is an inevitable product reporter: I remember that in 2003, most lighting companies were still guilty of product development and product counterfeiting. The brand awareness and channel awareness of the company were particularly weak. How do you think of adopting the "operation center?" mode"? Is it the Ou Dang test article, with the attitude of trying to operate?
Wu Zheng? 矗 鸨 鸨?, Silver Cup, it is worse than word of mouth. As a marketing person, we are absolutely not afraid to make a joke with the word of mouth, otherwise it is to throw their own rice bowl. The implementation of the operation center model in Oupu was the result of careful analysis and discussion. From the inside of the enterprise, OPP already had the conditions to adopt this model; from the outside, the industry development from product competition to channel competition, there are five A significant feature determines that the operation center model is an inevitable choice for some enterprises to develop to a certain stage.
These characteristics are: 1. The scale of the enterprise has expanded from a business to a business. 2. The expansion of the number and scale of channel customers in the enterprise must strengthen the marketing management in this area, that is, the management sinking often mentioned. 3. The dual expansion of enterprise scale and channel scale must form a regional service management platform integrating logistics, capital flow, business flow and information flow in the region. 4. Enterprises should further expand and develop, and the supporting strength of regional platforms plays a key role. 5. In the process of rapid growth, the scale and quality of the talent team are constrained, the management ability in different places is poor, the institutional mechanism is not perfect, and it is difficult to effectively monitor the financial and material resources. It is impossible for the enterprise development to directly channel the channel funds, and the simple business team cannot Long-term effective curing of local resources (such as: business, tax, media, engineering and other aspects).
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