Pei Ming's self-report: I and my building are like bamboo.

Mr. Pei is one of the most influential architects in the world today, and he is as exciting and elusive as his architecture. The "Chinese Youth" published recently published an article by Mr. Pei Ming, talking about his architecture and life. When I was 17 years old, I went to the University of Pennsylvania to study architecture. I transferred to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and had a good grade. So I didn't get a master's degree in 1945 and I was hired as a lecturer by Harvard Design Institute. When I was 31, I made a surprising choice: leave Harvard and go to work at a real estate company. At the time of the Second World War, the most attractive construction project in New York was the exploitation of some low-cost houses. I persuaded my boss to creatively replace the brick walls with cement walls and use porthole windows to expand the space of the house and improve Lighting, and leaving a space between the building and the building as a park. This design idea changed the living environment of some citizens, and at that time got a title - the designer of the people. During my 70-year architectural design career, I have designed and planned the Louvre Museum in France, the East Building of the National Gallery of Art, and the Kennedy Library. Most of the works are related to culture and art, which is in line with my own pursuit. Some people say that 75% of the fate of a designer comes from his ability to solicit business. I don't agree. The architect can't say to people: "Please me??" Your strength is the best persuasion tool. How to express your strength? Then you must dare to choose, dare to give up, decided things, you must have confidence to proceed. At the age of 64, I was invited by French President Mitterrand to participate in the reconstruction of the Louvre and designed a new pyramid for the Louvre. At that time, the French were very dissatisfied, saying that I would ruin the appearance of the "French beauty", shouting "Paris does not want a pyramid" and "over the Louvre." The French expressed their dissatisfaction, staying up all night, and the translation was intimidated. There was almost no way to translate the words I wanted to reply for. There was pressure at the time, but the most important thing to do was to maintain full confidence. Later, the pyramid was a great success. After the renovation, the number of visitors doubled. The French praised the pyramid as a huge gem in the Louvre. I was also awarded the highest honor medal in France by the president. For so many years, I dare say that my buildings and I are like bamboo, and the big wind and rain is just bending over.

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