Singapore introduces sunlight indoor lighting system

According to Singapore’s Lianhe Zaobao, on June 24th, a Singaporean company will cooperate with the University of Nottingham in the UK to introduce a solar interior lighting system that does not require a light bulb to Xinjiapo. The main component of this system is a round silver tube with a silver-plated inner wall. The conduit is installed in the building, one end is connected to a collection tube that collects light, and the other end device is capable of scattering light evenly across the emitters in each corner of the room. Since silver has a very strong reflective power, once it enters the duct, it is reflected by silver and concentrated in the duct, and the concentrated light is scattered into the room through the emitter. According to the report, the efficiency of this system, like electric lights, can provide the same brightness as electric lights indoors, saving 80% of energy. This system is currently not used at night due to the constraints of sunlight and technology, but it can provide some lighting in public places such as offices, corridors, parking lots and toilets. Excerpt from Consumer Daily, July 3, 2002


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