Apollo Lighting: Fighting the world with product innovation

Yang Hongzhou, Regional Manager of Huihong Audio Lighting Equipment Factory After more than 20 years of sustained, steady and rapid growth, China's lighting industry has developed into a lighting industry with considerable scale, basically meeting the needs of the national economy and having greater influence in the international market. At present, the sales of products in the whole industry is about 140 billion yuan, and the export of products in 2005 reached 8 billion US dollars. The main products of lighting appliances include various electric light sources, various types of lamps and their electrical accessories and special materials. In the lighting electrical industry group, there is a branch of the product that is easily overlooked - stage lighting. Because this kind of products are mainly used in entertainment venues and various venues with stage, there are few people in daily life, so people Usually not too much attention, but the market potential of stage lighting is not to be ignored. Huihong Audio Lighting Equipment Factory is a stage lighting manufacturer. Recently, we interviewed Mr. Yang Guizhou, Regional Manager of Apollo Lighting. HC Lighting: Apollo is already a very loud brand in the lighting industry. Please tell us about your company. Yang Guizhou: The company has been in existence for 12 years. We have been committed to research and development and production of professional stage lighting and outdoor intelligent lighting products. After more than ten years of development, APOLLO has become a large-scale lighting company with a reputation in the domestic and international markets. “APOLLO” has also risen to international brand lighting, and is also a well-known brand OEM partner at home and abroad. HC Lighting: As we all know, the lighting industry has a strong sense of the times, quality and beauty are equally important, how do you guarantee the product advantage? Yang Guizhou: Yes, we also pay attention to these two points. At present, our company has a land area of ​​22,000 square meters and a building area of ​​30,000 square meters. It is a world-class product research and development center and lighting demonstration center, and many international top professional from all over the world. The lighting engineer adopts the "ERP" computer network management system to make the production, supply, marketing, information reversal and after-sales service more efficient and organic. The products have successfully obtained the international "CE", "UL" safety and quality certification, and a number of new Technical patents, product appearance patents. Relying on advanced technology, excellent brand and excellent service, we have won a broad market space. HC Lighting: More and more companies are entering this industry, competition is bound to become increasingly fierce. It is important to develop new products, but new products will face new challenges. How do you understand product innovation? Yang Guizhou: We are very focused on product innovation. We have a group of high-tech, high-quality product research and development teams. The company invests a large amount of money every year to develop new products. This is the general trend of the market and the survival of the company. Every enterprise must strive for development in innovation and innovation in development to make the enterprise invincible. HC Lighting: As the person in charge of the company's market, can you briefly explain how you did it, what is the company's market doing?

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High Precision Multilayer PCB|multilayer printed circuit board

Product name:          
 Industrial control board    

1, the board design integration is very high;
2, the need to use composite surface treatment method, gold finger plating hard gold 30 uinch;
3, gold finger position plate thickness tolerance 1.6mm+/-0.10mm, it is recommended that customers in the design of the gold finger corresponding to the inner line of the copper block, in order to facilitate the plate thickness tolerance control.

High precision multi  layer board  multilayer printed circuit board

Layer count: 6
Board thickness: 1.60mm
Base materials: FR4 S1141
Finished size: 172*148mm
Surface finish: Gold Plated + finger
Line width/line space: 5/5mil
Minimum hole: 0.25mm
Solder resist color: blue
Cu thickness: inner layer 1 OZ outer layer 1 OZ



Product name: 
Thick Copper Board

Prominent features: the outer layer of copper thickness of 6 OZ, the inner product of copper thickness 6 OZ, commonly used in large power equipment.
Processing difficulties:
1, inside and outside the need to increase the thickness of copper thickness of 2 OZ or more by electroplating method;
2, before pressing the need to fill in the inner layer of resin;
3, the inner and outer layer circuit is difficult to etch;
4, solder resist the need for multiple printing. 


High precision multi  layer board  multilayer printed circuit boardSpecifications:
Layer count: 4
Board thickness: 3.0mm
Base materials: FR4 S1000-2
Finished size: 175*104mm
Surface finish: 
Line width/line space: 12/12mil
Minimum hole: 0.5mm
Solder resist color: Sensitive green
Cu thickness: inner layer 6 OZ outer layer 6 OZ



Product name: 
Data acquisition board

1, the integration of the board design is very high, thick diameter ratio of more than 10:1, heavy copper plating is difficult;
2, the use of TG 170 plate production.

High precision multi  layer board  multilayer printed circuit board 

1, the integration of the board design is very high, thick diameter ratio of more than 10:1, heavy copper plating is difficult;
2, the use of TG 170 plate production. 
Layer count: 8
Board thickness: 4.0mm
Base materials: FR4 S1000-2
Finished size: 400*400mm
Surface finish: mmersion
Line width/line space: 5/5mil
Minimum hole: 0.35mm
Solder resist color: Sensitive green
Cu thickness: inner layer 1 OZ outer layer 1 OZ



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BentePCB is a professional PCB manufacturing which is focus on double side, multilayer, HDI PCB , rigid PCB and Flexible PCB mass production. The company was established on 2011.
We have two factories together, The factory in Shenzhen is specialized in small and middle volume orders and the factory in Jiangxi is for big volumn.

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16 layers.
Special Material:
ROGERS, Arlon, Taconic.etc.
Huawei, SAMSUNG, Malata, Midea,Texas Instruments.etc.

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High Precision Multilayer PCB

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