Integrated codec and voice recording/discharging chip ISD5216 application

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The ISD5216 is a voice recording/reproduction chip with voice codec and data storage function from Winbond Americas. The chip has 8 to 16 minutes of recording/playback capability and 4MB of digital data storage. It uses solid-state memory and advanced information management functions such as forward/backward skipping, no rewind delay, free access to information, etc., and optional sampling frequency (4.0, 5.3, 6.4 or 8.0 kHz) With I2C interface, 3V working voltage; internal chip, including AGC, microphone preamplifier, speaker driver, oscillator, memory and PCM codec. The digital information can be repeatedly written 10,000 times, the analog information can be repeatedly written more than 100,000 times, and the power-free information storage can be realized. The stored information can be stored for 100 years, and the common power supply range is 2.7~3.3V. Its industrial grades have an operating temperature range of -40 to +85 °C.

1 pin arrangement and function

The ISD5216 is available in 28-pin TSOP, SOIC and PDIP packages. The pin arrangement of the TSOP package is shown in Figure 1. The function description of each pin is listed in Table 1.

Table 1 ISD5216 pin function table

Pin No. (TSOP) Pin name Features Pin number (SOIC)
1,15,21 VSSA Analogue 11,14,23
2 SDI PCM voice signal input twenty two
3 SDIO PCM voice signal output or I2S interface input/output port twenty four
4 RAC Memory address clock 25
5 INT Output interrupt 26
6 MCLK Encoder external clock 27
7,8 VCCD Digital power supply 1,28
9 SCL I2C interface serial clock 2
10 A1 I2C interface LSB+1 bit address 3
11 SDA I2C interface serial data 4
12 A0 I2C interface LSB bit address 7
13,14 VSSD Digitally 5,6
16 MIC+ Microphone input + 10
17 MIC- Microphone input - 9
18 MICBS Microphone bias voltage 8
19 ACAP External AGC capacitor 12
20 SP- Speaker output - 13
twenty two SP+ Speaker output + 15
twenty three VCCA Analog power supply 16
twenty four AUX IN Auxiliary analog input 17
25 AUX OUT Auxiliary analog output 20
26 NC Empty foot twenty one
27 SCK PCM encoder or I2S interface clock 19
28 WS PCM frame synchronization or I2S interface word synchronization 18

2 Application characteristics

2.1 Recording length

The recording length of the ISD5216 varies from 8 to 16 minutes. The recording length is related to the sampling frequency. The relationship is listed in Table 2.

Table 2 Relationship between recording length and sampling frequency of ISD5216

Sampling frequency (kHz) Recording length
8.0 8 minutes and 3 seconds
6.4 10 minutes and 4 seconds
5.3 12 minutes and 9 seconds
4.0 16 minutes and 6 seconds

2.2 storage unit

The chip memory unit has a new feature, that is, when storing data, it can be specified whether the storage space is used to store digital signals or analog signals. This function is realized by the system microcontroller dividing the storage space into digital and analog areas in advance and forming an address table of the storage partition.

2.3 Interface with Microcontroller (Microcontroller)

The control of the ISD5216 is implemented through a 2-wire I2C interface. . The transfer of the control command and the writing and reading of the address signal and the data information are realized by the synchronous serial communication port.

With the cooperation of the microcontroller, the ISD5216 can be used to record and play the voice in the recording circuit machine. The words and words stored in advance by the user can be played together to realize the automatic time reporting and temperature reporting in the voice circuit. , prompt function.

2.4 codec

The interface of the codec is a multiplexing interface shared with the I2S interface. The ISD5216's codec interface conforms to the A-law, μ-law companding ITU G.712/G.714 recommendations. The codec requires an external clock signal (which can be 13.824MHz, 20.48MHz, 27.648MHz or 40.96MHz). The sampling frequency ranges from 8 kHz to 48 kHz.

3 Typical applications

The ISD5216 can be used in portable communication devices. Figure 2 shows a typical recording circuit with information storage function using a 4-bit general-purpose telephone controller W742C814 and ISD5216 from Winbond. The W742C814 is a high-performance 4-bit dedicated microcontroller with a 32×4 LCD driver circuit. It has five 4-bit I/O interfaces (including one LED driver interface).

The W742C814 controls the ISD5216 through the I2C interface. Controlling the ISD5216 for recording and playback requires only writing the command words 91H and A9H through the I2C interface, while reading and writing data to the ISD5216 is relatively complicated. The transmission format is shown in Figure 3. The following is a subroutine for the W742C814 to read a byte of data from the ISD5216:


MOV ACC, SLAVE; read slave address

MOV TXBUF, ACC; transfer from address to sender buffer register waiting to be sent

CALL BSTART ; call the start bus communication subroutine

CALL TX ; call send data subroutine

MOV ACC, ADDR; Get data format

MOV TXBUF, ACC ; transfer data address to the transmit buffer register for transmission

CALL TX ; call send data subroutine

MOV ACC, SLAVE; get the slave address

MOV TXBUF, ACC; transfer from address to sender buffer register waiting to be sent

CALL BSTART ; call the start bus communication subroutine

figure 2

    CALL TX ; call send data subroutine

CALL RX ; call read data subroutine

CALL BSTOP ; call the end bus communication subroutine

MOV ACC, RXBUF ; Get data from the read data register

MOV DATAI, ACC; save data

JMP wrt-end

    The ISD5216 integrated encoding and voice recording/reproduction chip is based on the multi-level memory (MLS) ChipCorder patented technology, while featuring low power consumption, non-volatile information storage and high voice quality. The ISD5216 chip is a very good product for customers looking for a versatile and affordable embedded voice solution, so the voice recording/playback chip with integrated PCM codec is the circuit and portable communication device market. Provide a good choice.

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