Cable entrepreneurs began to focus on deep-seated issues in the industry

At the seminar, the leaders of the public, prosecution, and law departments, professors from Nanda, and representatives of cable companies had a lively discussion on the typical problems that cable companies in Yixing encountered in actual operations. There are approximately 10,000 business people in cable companies in Yixing City. In the actual sales process, illegal cases occur from time to time. Through the actual investigation and summary, the problems are mainly concentrated in the following aspects:

1. Whether a business person who has not signed a labor contract with a cable company can be the subject of a non-state employee's job-related crime;

2. The business personnel who signed a labor contract with the group company misappropriated or invaded the purchase price during the sales of the cable business for their subsidiaries with legal personality, and whether they could be convicted for misappropriation of funds or expropriation;

Third, the cable company business personnel use their positions to take account of acceptance of bills or transfer cheques after their own behavior is qualitative;

Fourth, some business personnel have signed a part-time labor contract with one or more cable companies, and only signed commissioned sales contracts with other cable companies. During the sales of cables, the use of illegal means to misappropriate or invade a number of cable companies is qualitative;

5. When signing an annual commissioned sales contract with a cable company at the beginning of the year, whether the business person guarantees personal assets or provides a third party to sign a guarantee agreement is legal and effective;

6. During the cable sales process, whether the business personnel signed the guarantee contract with personal assets or the third party and the creditor's cable company is legal and effective;

7. In investigating and punishing cases involving the illegally engraved official seals of business personnel, business personnel only admitted that the official seal does not recognize how the private seal official seal was convicted.

In response to these controversial cases, the leaders present at the symposium respectively put forward their own views and opinions, and through the careful analysis of the cases, a reasonable treatment opinion was roughly formed. Therefore, the cable industry in our city has been developing soundly and quickly, maintaining a fair and equitable market order, and effectively protecting the legitimate rights and interests of the company without taking a new step.

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