Thailand's flood sequelae unabated: hard drive prices remain high

The flood in Thailand has receded, but the "sequel" has not disappeared. The price of hard drives has remained at a high level for nearly two months. The reporter recently visited several large digital malls in Shanghai and discovered that hard drive prices are still “high above”.

"If you don't need it, don't buy it first."

At the computer parts counter in Pudong Bainaohui, Mr. Cheng, who has been engaged in sales of computer accessories for many years, told reporters: “Since the floods began in Thailand, the prices of hard drives have risen all the way. Western Digital’s hard disk prices have risen the most, with a 500GB mobile. The hard disk is now priced at around 550 yuan, but it can be bought for as little as 300 yuan, which is nearly doubled, while the hard disk of 1TG is more than 700 yuan, which is more than 200 yuan more than before. Very few."

Subsequently, the reporter came to another counter, the counter sales staff told reporters that a 500GB hard drive price in Thailand just flood was called "a day's price", the highest had reached more than 600 yuan, has now dropped back, but This price has risen crazy in the past. The sales staff also suggested that reporters do not buy if they are not in a hurry.

"When Thailand started flooding, many agents rushed to purchase goods, then a large number of goods, and now, whoever has goods in hand to make money, and now has no access to goods." A salesman revealed to reporters. When the reporter asked when the expected price would fall back to the previous price, these sales staff all said that at least half a year or so.

The price of the whole machine is "involved"

The ups and downs of hard disk prices not only affect the price of the hard disk itself, but also directly affect the fluctuation of the PC price.

The price of the assembly machine was pushed up due to the hard disk price increase. The reporter asked the staff at a loading counter to allocate a computer. In the hard disk column, the reporter chose a WD 500 GB hard disk. The price given by the staff was 520. yuan. When the reporter proposed that the price of the hard disk was too high, the staff member stated that this was a problem that most recent customers had reflected. The price of the hard disk was extremely expensive and could not be solved. "If in the past, 500G hard drive 260 ~ 270 yuan can do." The staff told reporters.

Previously, there was an online e-mail from Samsung China's notebook computer division on the Internet. The e-mail stated that “The price of global hard disk purchases and sales has increased by 30% to 50% due to the drastic reduction in supply, which is expected to be from November. By January next year, the price of products will increase by about 200-300 yuan."

However, when the reporter visited the computer store, he found that the price of the branded PC is still relatively stable. "The profits of PCs are not high now. The price increase may lead to a decline in sales volume, so at present it will not rise, but it does not rule out the possibility of future price increases." A computer dealer told reporters.

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