Slovakia! Touch screen for Continental Automotive replacement

Touch Screen panel for 6AV7861-2AA00-1AA0 touch panel screen replacement!

One or our Slovakia Customers who got the repair job for Continental Automotive for replace the broken touch screen panel for 6AV7861-2AA00-1AA0 touchscreen.

Select the accessory touch screen from Vicpas and replaced successful.

We has cooperating with this automation repair company for almost 7 years and has built up a long term relationship. we are proud to be the only touchscreen and membrane keypad suppliers of his company, quickly respond, plenty stock, fast shipment and professional after service are our goal, Vicpas-the leading touch screen and membrane keypad suppliers of China!

More details, please visit the 6AV7861-2AA00-1AA0 details.

Touch screen panel for 6AV7861-2AA00-1AA0 replacement

touch panel screen for 6AV7861-2AA00-1AA0 replacement

Touch membrane for 6AV7861-2AA00-1AA0 replacement

touch sensor for 6AV7861-2AA00-1AA0 replacement

Touch monitor for 6AV7861-2AA00-1AA0 replacement

touch glass for 6AV7861-2AA00-1AA0 replacement

Touch digiziter for 6AV7861-2AA00-1AA0 replacement

touch cover for 6AV7861-2AA00-1AA0 replacement

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