Zero-power LED protection chip successfully developed in Anhui

Will clear the technical barriers for LED popularity

The world's first zero-power LED protection chip independently developed by Qiantian Quantum Technology Co., Ltd. has been successfully developed in the Wuhu High-tech Industrial Zone in Anhui Province and has achieved fruit transformation. This marks the formal solution to the modular connection that has been plaguing the LED lighting industry.

It is understood that this chip is currently the best series of LED small lamp bead series, which can maximize the efficiency and reliability of the power supply , and make it possible to achieve uniform standards in the LED drive power industry.

Wuhu High-tech Zone Management Committee introduced that the sample of the protection chip has been used on the 400-inch LED street lamp in the area for 6 months. Through field acceptance, it was found that 54 of the street lamp protection chips played a role, without a street lamp. Lamp replacement, saving maintenance costs of more than 160,000 yuan.

As we all know, LED is the most efficient and environmentally friendly lighting source. The LED lamp is composed of a combination of LED lamp beads with a diameter of about 5 mm and a power of 1 watt. However, the connection of these small lamp beads has become a difficult point that currently plagues the LED lighting industry. In terms of power efficiency optimization and manufacturing standardization, a full series circuit is the best choice. However, the problem with the full series circuit is that if one of the strings of small lamps is burnt, the whole lamp is completely extinguished, so the full series circuit has not been used in practical applications.

In the lighting industry, in order to solve the problem that one of the small lamp beads has a burnout, the whole lamp is completely extinguished. In the past, a group parallel connection method was adopted, that is, a plurality of LED small lamp beads were connected in series to form a module, and multiple modules were connected in parallel to form a whole lamp. . Although this avoids the disadvantage that a small lamp bead burns down the whole lamp, it has a great influence on the illumination of the whole lamp. Since the parallel circuit increases the current load of other working modules, the life of the lamp is shortened. In addition, the modular connection method is less efficient, resulting in lower efficiency of the LED luminaire.

At the same time, different module combinations require different driving power sources. There is no uniform standard in the industry, resulting in no standard for driving power supply design. For different customers, power suppliers need to design different power supplies, so they have to develop Hundreds of power supplies are available to handle all possible combinations.

Ask Tianquan Quanzhou's zero-power protection chip to realize the full series mode. Under the normal working condition, the small lamp bead does not work without generating current, and has no power consumption. Once an LED lamp bead is burned, the protection chip is immediately protected. Instead of a bad lamp bead to conduct current, thus ensuring a full series circuit path, the whole lamp does not go away. At the same time, the current through the lamps is constant, which ensures the service life of the lamps.

According to the test, the LED lamp bead is fully connected in series by the protection chip. Compared with the conventional parallel solution in the industry, the power efficiency is improved by 2%. At the same time, the uniform requirement of the full series circuit for the driving power is 350 mA. The constant current source provides a platform for standardization of LED lighting power production.

Most of the 200,000 LED protection chips produced in the first batch have been delivered.

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