Efficient and energy-saving security ESCO release new LED tube

ESCO has released a new LED energy-saving lamp. The new product is said to be the most environmentally friendly lamp in the world. It has a lifespan of 8,000 hours and can be switched over 20,000 times.

This new LED tube is compatible with all sockets in the market, with built-in light sensor, which will automatically turn on/off as the light and darkness of the light will play a role in energy saving and environmental protection. This feature can therefore be used for security. ESCO said that the price of the new product is 24 US dollars (about 160 yuan), and interested friends can pay attention.

Machine IC socket is a reasonable alternative, compared with comparable products from other manufacturers. Originally the demand for sockets occure at that times, when the computer respectively other programmable, active components have been introduced into the markets. These active components had a high-value compared with other components and users had been faced with the request to reprogram these high-value components or destroy and replace the whole device. To ensure, that such components can be replaced, a range of different sockets are produced for nearly every application, which is designed for the use with these high value active components. The most common designs are the so called Dual-Inline-sockets with different number of contacts, starting with 16 contacts and ending with 64 contacts. Depending on the chosen active component Antenk is offering 2,54mm and 1,778mm pitches. Such sockets are available with stamped and machined contacts. Machined contacts do cover the full range of lengths between 7,43mm and 25,90mm. Even double row sockets, the so called adapter sockets can be ordered, based on different pin lengths and number of contacts. Precision sockets including the four-finger contact design, LED sockets and Pga Sockets are as well part of the product range. Special sockets with e.g. special pin length, special plating and special contact loadings can be offered by Antenk upon request.

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