Wuhan Seminar: Experts talk about the future of LED industry

Industry experts deeply analyze the LED industry hotspots

——Record 2010 LED Illumination Wuhan Tournament in China

On August 8th, 2010 LED illuminated China tour - the fourth seminar of national tour research and industrial seminars was successfully held in "Jiangcheng" Wuhan, and the scene was very enthusiastic. The seminar was held in the multi-function hall on the third floor of Guanhu Building, Wuhan Lakeside Garden Hotel. It was hosted by Gaogong LED and Wuhan·China Optics Valley Semiconductor Lighting R&D and Industry Alliance. The meeting held a profound discussion on the current hot topics of LED industry development in Hubei Province and LED industry planning.

The conference attracted a total of 150 visitors. Most of the audience at the conference were senior executives and members of government agencies of LED enterprises in Wuhan. At the meeting, Diyuan Optoelectronics Dong Zhijiang, Jiangsu Xinli Optoelectronics Chen Xu, Ke Rui China Li Wei, Gao Gong LED Xie Suyun and other outstanding speeches. Chen Huafen, director of the Economic Development Bureau of Wuhan East Lake Development Zone, delivered a speech on behalf of the government.

Diyuan Optoelectronics Dong Zhijiang: Research Progress and Development Trend of Light Efficiency Improvement of LED Power Chips for Lighting

Dong Zhijiang pointed out that the current application fields of LED high-power chips for lighting are mainly in the fields of indication, display, backlight and illumination. The requirements for chips in each field are different, such as size, light efficiency, reliability, etc. Especially in the application of LED lighting, the harsh environment of LED lighting puts higher demands on the heat dissipation and temperature shock of the device.

Dong Zhijiang believes that the development of the LED lighting industry depends on three points: higher luminous efficiency, lower cost and better thermal management technology and reliability. For every 1% increase in luminous efficiency, you can save $2 billion annually. To improve LED light efficiency, Dong Zhijiang proposed to improve LED light efficiency by improving internal quantum efficiency and light extraction efficiency (EQE). Among them, methods for improving internal quantum efficiency include: patterned substrate (PSS) technology, pGaN coarsening, hydride vapor phase epitaxy (HVPE), quantum dots, quantum wire MQW growth technology, roughened semi-polar, and non-polar epitaxy. Distributed Bragg Reflection (DBR) and Side Corrosion (LBR) techniques can be used to increase light extraction efficiency.

At the meeting, Dong Zhijiang outlined the research results of industrialization of 100lm/W high-power chips. The 100lm/W high-power chip is applied to indoor lighting fixtures. Through 1000-hour high-temperature accelerated aging (450mA) test, chip normal temperature life test and related data comparison, he believes that LED epitaxy and chip are the core technologies to solve luminous efficiency and thermal management.

Finally, Dong Zhijiang also briefly introduced Diyuan Optoelectronics Semiconductor Lighting Industrial Park. Diyuan Optoelectronics is positioned in LED lighting high-power epitaxy, chip research and development and production. Wuhan Diyuan Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. produces power LED chips with higher lm /$, cost-effective.

Dong Zhijiang, General Manager of Wuhan Diyuan Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

Jiangsu Xinli Photoelectric Chen Xu: Ultra-high power lighting grade LED metal packaging technology

Chen Xu briefly describes the current status of the LED lighting application industry. As an emerging field, many lighting industry colleagues have encountered some difficulties in the process of manufacturing LED lamps. He summarized that the factors that hinder the promotion of LED lighting mainly include: 1. unstable light source and short life; 2. poor power quality and many faults; 3. difficulty in light distribution and strong glare; 4. complicated production process and high input cost. It takes a long time and the yield is low.

Through the comparison of LED products in different packaging processes, Chen Xu introduced the technological features of Xinli Optoelectronics LED products, including: light source, lens, collar, copper bracket, aluminum base and light decay. Finally, Chen Xu also introduced a principle and application of ultra-high power lighting level LED metal packaging technology, and showed Xinli Opto's road light series, flood light series and explosion-proof light series products.

Chen Xu, General Manager of Jiangsu Xinli Photoelectric Co., Ltd.

Li Rui, Manager Assistant of Ke Rui Huadong District: Analysis of the impact of energy policy on LED industry

Career China's East China Manager Assistant Li Wei pointed out that Cree invested in two production bases in Huizhou, indicating that Cree attaches great importance to the Chinese market. She also briefly introduced the LED products made of CREE chips in the Beijing Olympics, Shanghai World Expo and fast food chain stores.

Li Wei said that energy-saving lamps contain harmful substances such as mercury, which cause great pollution to the environment. According to China's annual energy saving lamp of one billion, it will pollute 574 billion tons of water. However, LED lighting is absolutely environmentally friendly. CREE has been committed to promoting the field of LED lighting. The price of LED lamps will be lower and lower. It will be a trend to buy an LED bulb for RMB 50.

Finally, she summarized the impact of the energy project on the LED business. She believes that the US government and non-government energy projects have a very positive impact on the solid-state lighting market. Rather, these projects have led to the development of performance and cost, the quality awareness and necessity of SSL, the establishment and implementation of standards, breakthroughs in product development, and the education and shaping of buying behavior.

Ke Rui, East China Assistant Manager Li Wei

Gao Gong LED Director Xie Suyun: Corporate Brand Enhancement and LED Product Promotion Strategy

Brands are not equivalent to popularity and reputation, and brands are the first choice. The establishment of a brand is a long-term process and the means are more diverse. The promotion of the brand is not difficult. The most difficult thing is the maintenance of the brand. Xie Suyun believes that the establishment of LED corporate brand is crucial for the marketing of LED products, and the establishment of the brand must be based on the promotion and sales of products. These objects mainly include LED listed companies, government procurement departments and LED engineers.

At the meeting, Xie Suyun summarized the status quo of domestic LED enterprise brand promotion: 1. Most manufacturers have weak brand awareness, or do not know what brand building is; 2. The low-level brand building method is to put on products and packaging. Brand mark, many companies can not do this; 3, the advanced brand building method is to ask professional media organizations to carry out brand planning, through the media, forums, exhibitions and other ways to expand brand awareness. For the choice of media platform, Xie Suyun put forward several principles: 1, professional audience; 2, professional enterprise information and product data; 3, through the industry upstream and downstream, and listed some alternative media. He believes that the overall online media promotion and all-round offline promotion can quickly improve the overall brand image of the company.

Finally, he proposed three suggestions for brand promotion: 1. Must take the professional brand route: brand building; 2. In-depth cooperation between brand enterprises and designers, and public service companies; 3. Strategic cooperation between upstream and downstream.

Xie Suyun, Marketing Director of Gaogong LED

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