New light source: an advantage that LEDs are often overlooked

We know that mercury is an extremely toxic substance. However, most of the high-efficiency electric light sources currently used contain mercury. The mercury content of various electric light sources is shown in the following table:

Mercury has a very low boiling point and can evaporate at normal temperatures. After a waste discarded light source is broken, it immediately emits mercury vapor to the surrounding area, which instantly makes the concentration of mercury in the surrounding air reach 10-20 mg/m3, exceeding the maximum allowable concentration of mercury in the air (0.01 mg/cubic). M) is 1000 to 2000 times. According to a study of mercury at Stanford University in the United States, 1 milligram of mercury is enough to contaminate 5454.5 kilograms of drinking water, making it impossible to meet safe drinking standards. The consequences of air and water pollution caused by mercury are very serious. After being eaten by aquatic organisms, CH3Hg is produced. This is a highly toxic substance, as long as the half ear spoon can cause death. Mercury itself destroys the central nervous system, and the effects of reproductive defects are also very serious. Mercury can also damage the kidneys and liver, and can even cause death at a sufficient dose. Mercury can be transferred in different ways in the soil, in the water stream, and even in the atmosphere and food chain. Therefore, persistence, easy migration and high bioaccumulation make mercury one of the most attractive environmental pollutants in the world. The most serious mercury poisoning incident in history was the case of Japan's Minamata disease, when hundreds of people died as water in Minamata was contaminated with mercury. Now the Japanese government has learned the lesson that all discarded fluorescent lamps must be treated with toxic substances, so that those who purchase ordinary fluorescent lamps must pay twice as much to pay for this toxic substance disposal fee.

Recently, the Chinese government has distributed 100 million energy-saving lamps free of charge. Although the mercury content of special low-mercury energy-saving lamps can be reduced to less than 5 mg (I don’t know if the Chinese government issued such low-mercury energy-saving lamps), Nor does it reduce its hazard, because one such low-mercury energy-saving lamp contains enough mercury to contaminate 27.27 tons of drinking water. And 100 million energy-saving lamps are enough to pollute 2.7 billion tons of water, which is equivalent to the drinking water of the people of the country for several years.

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