Analysis of current status and market prospects of high-power LED table lamps

Table lamp status on the market

At present, table lamps on the market can be divided into three types according to their types: one is an ordinary incandescent table lamp, one is a halogen table lamp, and the other is a fluorescent table lamp. A desk lamp using an ordinary incandescent bulb or a halogen lamp has the advantages of low cost and good continuous performance of light, and the disadvantage is that it consumes a lot of energy, especially in summer. Because the filament is more concentrated, if it is slightly larger, it will produce glare. On the contrary, it will cause insufficient illumination. Another table lamp of a common fluorescent lamp has a relatively large light-emitting surface of the fluorescent tube, so that the light on the illuminated surface is relatively uniform, and the shape of the object to be irradiated is small, which has less interference to the eyes. However, its color rendering index is low, and its stroboscopic effect makes the eyes susceptible to fatigue.

What needs to be emphasized here is that the desk lamp should be systematically and scientifically evaluated, but it cannot be trusted that some manufacturers have reached a certain indicator and call themselves "eye protection lamp" and "eye protection light source". At present, there are no other manufacturers in the market to launch high-power LED table lamp applications, and ordinary customers need to further popularize the LED table lamp.

From the perspective of the entire life of the lighting product, the current manufacturing process and the disposal process have not received much attention. For mercury lamps that have reached the end of their lives, they should not be discarded or broken, and should be disposed of in order to recover harmful substances. At this point, some countries in foreign countries have legislation, and they hope that China’s lighting fixtures will be mentioned earlier on the agenda.

High-power LED table lamp technical indicators

The high-power LED table lamp is made of metal structure with high-power LED tube. This product can combine decorative lighting effects, stable performance, safety and environmental protection, and low energy consumption. It is an ideal new generation of environmentally friendly table lamp products.

1, function and characteristics
(1) Energy saving: The light source adopts high-power LED, which has low energy consumption and high efficiency. Power: 3W/4W;
(2) Environmental protection: no pollution, ultraviolet rays, infrared rays and heat radiation;
(3) Health care eye protection: low-voltage constant current power supply, no stroboscopic, no glare, wide illumination area, uniform brightness and good visual effect. Really light, smooth, continuous, close to natural light, is the real ideal light source;
(4) Durable: The life of LED lamps is up to 50000h. Metal structure, strong metal texture, durable;
(5) The illuminance is sufficient: the table illumination can reach 500lx or more under the condition that the table lamp emits light from the desktop 350~400mm.

Market prospects of high-power LED table lamps

Due to the current high-power LED desk lamp is in the market development stage, the price is high, and the customer knows very little about it. But its market potential is huge. Considering its many advantages, such as eye protection, power saving, environmental protection and long life, it can be expected that in the near future, as the cost of high-power LED table lamps continues to decline, its market will have broad development. At that time, high-power LED table lamps will enter thousands of households and become a good partner for our daily work and life.

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