Dongguan Spring Festival gift package to send LED energy-saving lamps

Dongguan City, Guangdong Province recently formed 32 condolence groups, led by several groups of leaders of the city, went to Zhenjie to carry out condolences to some rural party members and donated condolence packages to the subsistence families. Different from previous years, this year's gift package is unique. In addition to oil, rice and other foods, as well as the New Year greeting card of the municipal party committee and the municipal government, it also contains a special gift – LED energy-saving lamps manufactured by Dongguan local photoelectric companies.

Benefiting 35,000 low-income families

Huang Fengying is an ordinary villager in Jiangbian Village, Qishi Town. Due to the poor family, this blind woman with left eye and 0.2 amblyopia in the right eye can only buy a few yuan of incandescent bulb lighting on weekdays. For the energy-saving lamps ranging from one to two hundred yuan, it seems to her to be a "luxury".

However, the “Welcome Gifts” of the Spring Festival, which was carried out by the Dongguan Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government, hangs this “luxury” in her home, making the original dimly lit house bright and warm. For this simple family with more than a dozen inches of old TV sets, it adds a bit of New Year's atmosphere.

It is reported that the "Consolation Gift Package" gift event of Dongguan City containing LED energy-saving lamps will be launched for 35,000 low-income families in Dongguan, and it is confirmed that all installations will be completed before March 31. In recent days, the condolence group led by several groups of leaders of the city has installed this special Spring Festival gift in 64 low-income families in various towns and streets.

Small lights have great meaning

Dongguan City put a small energy-saving lamp into the city government's Spring Festival condolence package, which is still the first in China, and also reflects the "good intentions" of the municipal party committee and the municipal government in energy conservation and consumption reduction.

Liu Zhigeng, secretary of the Dongguan Municipal Party Committee and director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People's Congress, said that at present, environmental protection and energy conservation are crucial to economic development. By giving LED energy-saving lamps to low-income families, on the one hand, they will reduce their electricity expenses and enjoy the long-term benefits of a high-tech product. On the other hand, they will cultivate the public's awareness of environmental protection, promote energy conservation for all, and reduce energy conservation. The work of the row was implemented.

The person in charge of the Civil Affairs Bureau who participated in the condolences with Liu Zhigeng’s secretary said in an interview that this small gift has a big article. Mainly due to three considerations: First, reduce the burden for low-income personnel, reduce the maintenance and replacement costs of the beneficiary household lighting equipment; Second, LED energy-saving lamps from the government to purchase from local optical leading enterprises, can support a group of local semiconductor lighting Enterprises to promote the development of the semiconductor lighting industry in Dongguan and promote industrial upgrading. The third is to raise awareness of the importance of energy conservation and emission reduction in this way, call on the whole people to take action, and actively support and practice energy conservation and consumption reduction.

Save more than 90% of electricity bills compared to incandescent lamps

Unlike incandescent lamps, LED energy-saving lamps can convert more energy into light energy to achieve the same light efficiency. LED energy-saving lamps save more than 90% of incandescent lamps.

“The brightness of nearly 6 watts of LED energy-saving lamps is the same as that of 40-watt ordinary incandescent lamps, but it is more energy-efficient.” Industry insiders told reporters that with an average of 5 hours per day, one LED energy-saving lamp can save one year. 62 degrees of electricity, compared to ordinary incandescent lamps can save about 90% of electricity costs. Because this kind of LED energy-saving lighting is not easy to be damaged, it does not need to be replaced in 5-10 years. It is more energy-saving than ordinary energy-saving lamps, which will greatly change the current situation of saving electricity and not saving money. However, due to the wide disparity between the price of incandescent lamps and LED energy-saving lamps, many families are still accustomed to buying incandescent lamps when choosing a bulb. In response to this situation, lighting experts pointed out that the elimination of incandescent lamps requires everyone to gradually change their mindset. Although LED energy-saving lamps are more expensive to purchase, their service life is generally five times that of incandescent lamps, and the power consumption is low. Seeing is saving money. In addition, the active use of LED energy-saving lamps is also an initiative to promote an environmentally friendly and healthy lifestyle. It is understood that an LED energy-saving lamp can emit 48.4 kg of carbon dioxide less per year.

When the reporter interviewed Xiao Guozhu, the low-income household of Ma Si Village in Mayong Town, who was condolenced by Liu Zhigeng’s secretary on February 4, he said: “My monthly electricity bill is around 40 yuan, only 15 watts of light bulbs are used. I don’t dare to turn on the lights often. The energy-saving lamps that the government sent me have saved me more than 200 yuan in electricity bills every year. I don’t save more than 2,000 yuan for our family in ten years. I really appreciate the government!”

From this calculation, Dongguan has installed 35,000 low-protection LED energy-saving lamps in the city, saving more than 7 million yuan in electricity bills every year. The life of such energy-saving lamps is 5 years to 10 years, and the average calculation according to 6 years can save electricity costs 4000. More than 10,000 yuan, and can reduce more than 39 million kilograms of carbon dioxide.

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