Fairchild Semiconductor Introduces New Linear LED Driver


Fairchild Semiconductor announces the FAN5622 /24 /26 linear LED driver product, which is space-constrained and requires LCD display and keyboard illumination applications (such as cell phones, blood glucose meters, and other portable applications). The solution can save up to 60% of board space. Fairchild's FAN5622 /24 /26 is designed to eliminate the need for additional passive components in charge pumps and series boost LED drivers, reducing overall component count. These linear LED drivers also provide an easy-to-use control interface that simplifies design with a minimum number of components.

The FAN5622/24/26 are 2, 4, and 6-channel current-sink linear LED drivers for the main LCD display of portable electronics or backlighting of keyboards.

The FAN5622/24/26 has a very low 50mV dropout voltage that can be used to drive LEDs without the need for inductors or flyback capacitors. The user can program the brightness level of the LED output through a single-wire control interface, edit 32 linear dimming steps, and turn the LED on and off by applying a digital pulse to the interface. Users simply use a simple method to control the state for higher dimming resolution. These LED drivers also feature high peak efficiency (92%) for extended battery life in portable applications.

For design and component engineers, Fairchild's LED driver FAN5622/24/26 is cost-effective, providing a simplified design and offering a smaller overall footprint than a charge pump or inductive boost solution. The FAN5622/24/26 offers lower overall bill of materials (BOM) costs and reduces time-to-market for portable designs that do not require complex lighting solutions.

Other features of these LED drivers include a wide input voltage range (2.7 to 5.5V); short-circuit, under-voltage and over-temperature protection; and a shutdown current of less than 1μA. The FAN5624 is available in a micro-MLP package (1.4 x 1.8mm), which is approximately 60% smaller than other package solutions; the FAN5626 is available in a 1.6 x 2.1mm MicroPAKTM MLP package and is approximately 20% smaller.

The FAN5622/24/26 is part of Fairchild's industry-leading portfolio of LED driver products that increase efficiency to meet stringent energy efficiency standards, reduce component count and simplify the design of today's portable electronics.

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