Yimeixinguang will bring LED light source module to the 2013 High-tech LED Lighting Exhibition

[Text/High-tech LED reporter Gao Jinyu] 2013 (3rd) High-tech LED Lighting Exhibition will be grandly opened at Guangzhou Poly World Trade Center Expo on November 25, Yimeixinguang (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Yimei” "Core Light" will bring the integrated LED-driven LED light source module to the 2013 High-tech LED Lighting Exhibition.

For the overall cost reduction of LED devices, in addition to materials, a low-cost and high-efficiency package structure needs to be selected. With the continuous improvement and innovation of upstream chip materials and manufacturing processes, packaging technology has been continuously improved and innovated. In order to create low-cost and high-efficiency LED lighting products, modular products have emerged.

Integrated IC driven LED light source module

As an R&D and production company dedicated to high-quality and high-reliability LED products, the integrated IC-driven LED light source module exhibited by E-Men will be equipped with AC 110/220VAC drive without AC/DC conversion. IC technology, no electrolytic capacitors, long life; can be used for electronic dimmer dimming, miniaturization and low cost make the luminaire design more flexible; easy to pass EMI test, meet safety requirements, suitable for bulbs, candle lights , MR16, GU10, downlight and other characteristics.

Modular Plugs
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Modular plugs offer exceptional performance for voice, data and high-speed networking applications. Plugs are available in four, six and eight-circuit configurations. Our complete offering of hand and production tools helps to make termination easy.

Modular Plug

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