LED luminaires for low voltage driver chips

The nominal input voltage range of the driver chip should meet DC 8~40V to cover a wide range of application needs. The pressure resistance is preferably greater than 45V. When the input is AC 12V or 24V, the output voltage of the simple bridge rectifier will fluctuate with the grid voltage, especially when the voltage is high, the output DC voltage will also be high. If the driver IC does not have a wide input voltage range, it will often be broken down when the grid voltage rises, thus burning the LED light source.

The nominal output current requirement of the driver chip is greater than 1.2~1.5A. As an LED light source for illumination, the nominal operating current of a 1W power LED light source is 350 mA, and the nominal operating current of a 3 W power LED light source is 700 mA. A high-power LED light source requires more current. Therefore, the driver IC used in the LED lighting fixture must have sufficient current output. When designing the product, the driver IC must be operated at 70-90% of the optimal working area of ​​the full-load output. Driver ICs that use full-load output currents are not well cooled in the narrow space of the luminaire, which can easily lead to fatigue and early failure of the luminaire.

The output current of the driver chip must be kept constant so that the LED can illuminate stably without flickering. The same batch of driver chips are used under the same conditions, and the output current should be as uniform as possible, that is, the dispersion is small, so that the production and the order can be ensured in the production of large-volume automated production lines. For the driver chip with a certain discrete output current, it is necessary to select the bin before the factory or put into the production line, adjust the resistance value of the current setting resistor on the PCB, and make the LED lamp constant current driving board to the same kind of LED. The brightness of the light source is uniform to maintain consistency in the final product.

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