[Garden lighting]: 2. Road lighting for garden lighting

The poet Wu potential "Butterfly Love Flower" depicts: "The wild tree plum blossoms like a puff. The trails are secluded, and the natural foot is happy." The garden path is quiet, and the twists and turns of the twists and turns add the visitors to the garden, Yaxing, feels happy and natural. Roads are an important part of the garden. The lighting design needs to meet the basic functional lighting to ensure the safety of the garden. It also needs to give the lighting decoration effect, which makes the garden landscape icing on the cake. Then what are the details of garden road lighting? The ancient architectural lighting channel is planned to be shared in detail in the future.
There are many types of garden roads, which can be divided into five types: main road, branch road, trail, Tingbu, and garden road. Different garden roads have different lighting requirements. The users of Park Road are mainly pedestrians. Therefore, the lighting needs to meet the functions of sightseeing, rest, walking and other functions. It does not require very continuous and bright lighting. It only needs the key landscape elements in the park. Lighting, buildings or structures, places to rest, and places where there are dangers (such as ramps, steps, bridges, turns, etc.) can be illuminated.
For trunk roads and secondary roads where there may be vehicles in the garden, it is necessary to use uniform illumination with a certain brightness according to the requirements of safety lighting, so that pedestrians and some vehicles can accurately identify the situation on the road.
Safety lighting is irreplaceable for other lighting, because people only have a sense of security after seeing the surrounding situation; the trees in the garden are shaded, shielding most of the light, especially at night, the roadside is dense, if not enough Lighting will affect the pleasure of the garden. The ancients loved the candle garden. Nowadays, the lighting design of the garden road needs to bear the important responsibility of basic functional lighting.
On the other hand, if people can't see the obstacles or defects in front of the road, they may cause harm. In the absence of the necessary lighting, the corners of the wall and the big trees are often caused by not knowing the situation there. Inexplicable fear. Of course, for landscaping, safety lighting is only a functional light, and where possible, should be combined with other lighting, and if used alone, care must be taken not to interfere with other lighting.
Therefore, the garden road lighting design should meet the following principles:
1. Forming the order: At night, the park collects a large number of people's streams. Through the illumination, the tourists are provided with a clear and unique tour route, which helps guide and standardize the public behavior, promotes the “communication” between the people and the garden, and shows the beautiful garden.
2, to meet the function: to provide traffic lighting, guide the direction, to ensure safety and reduce criminal behavior.
3. Injecting art: The garden road is an important linear element in the landscape composition of the garden. The ingenious light and shadow design should make the night garden road enjoyable, create a suitable atmosphere, enhance the artistic appeal of the garden, and create harmony, unity and fascination. Night landscape.
4. Green energy saving: reduce light interference and light pollution, and reasonably determine the development intensity of lighting construction.

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