Group buying market reached 23.8 billion in the first half of the transaction volume

Group buying market reached 23.8 billion in the first half of the transaction volume The cakes in the group-buying market are still very large. The same report from the China Electronic Commerce Research Center mentioned that in the first half of this year, the transaction volume of the group-buying market (including group buying platforms) reached 23.898 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 63%, compared with 2012. Compared with 20.231 billion yuan in the second half of the year, the increase was 18% compared to the previous quarter. The big cake depends on who has the ability to eat, can eat a big mouth.

More than a year later, I resumed the group purchase.

The recent group purchase experience has found some confidence in this consumption style. The flowers bought by the grouping group were sent directly from Yunnan, and the logistics records of Shunfeng were queried. They were sent out from Yunnan in the morning and inserted into the vase of my house at night. The 13 roses Shenghui 49.9 yuan. The day to bring friends from other countries to experience the local morning tea, when searching for addresses in the public comment, found that the purchase of the famous restaurant, the 100 yuan voucher is only 68 yuan, a few groups to start the effective savings.

In fact, I used to be a consumer who was very keen to buy in the early years. At that time, the wave of group buying swept through the Internet and incidentally caused us consumers to bombard their brains. There were a wide variety of group buying websites, covering all aspects of consumers' daily lives, such as cars, houses, and travel products, and food and beverages. Various pieces. I remember that there was a "thousand-mass war" one said, showing the number of people. The most direct price drop is that many consumers are almost tempted to tie up their food, clothing, housing, and shopping activities. It is anxious to wait for the pack to be bought online.

Although there are some benefits, but more group buying experience is unsatisfactory. Consumers have spent money. When they actually go to spend, they find that "the goods are not on the board" or "seriously shrinking" from time to time. I have met many times myself. , There are friends around us who are even more unlucky and have suffered economic losses. Someone bought a fuel card and found it to be false, but the merchants could not find it. Someone bought a car and the business was delayed and the result was missed. The license plate number.

The popularity of group purchases has risen very quickly, and it has cooled down quickly. In the office, there are no scenes in the past that used to “puppet” the group. In the year when the group purchase experience was less, the news about the group purchase market was inexhaustible. However, there is not much good news. Words such as burning money, scams, layoffs, closures, and closings are often linked to group buying websites. Many of the familiar group buying sites have gradually disappeared. According to the data released by the China E-Commerce Research Center “2013 (I) China Network Group Buying Market Monitoring Report”, as of the end of June 2013, the total number of nationwide group purchase sites totaled 6,218, of which 4,650 have been closed down. Up to 75%. Currently, there are 1548 group buying websites in operation, which have already dropped back to 1490 in the third quarter of 2010.

The group-buying website that has survived all the way has also begun to develop in different ways in the fierce competition in the industry. Some do comprehensive group buying websites, and some specialize in subdividing group buying markets. They all have their own survival rules: the group purchase price offered by a large group buying website may not be the lowest, but the choice of a business standard is also more cautious, and consumers feel even more. Guaranteed; sub-group purchase site for a certain area, with industry advantages, choose more targeted for consumers, the price is more affordable.

The latest news about group purchases is that Baidu announced a strategic investment of US$160 million for everyone’s group buying website, Glue, which accounts for 59% of the shares. Prior to this, Ali had a deal to invest in the United States, Tencent had high friends to engage in micro-group purchase, so far the three major Internet companies have joined the battle situation in the group buying market. In this regard, the attention of the industry is that the future of the group buying industry to accelerate the reshuffle, the independent group purchase site or difficult to advance with their own strength alone. What consumers are more concerned about is how many practical benefits can be brought to us by the Internet's Big Three. Is group buying more reliable? More goods? The price is more affordable? We will wait and see.

Simplex SM / MM Fiber Pigtail SC / LC / ST/FC

Pigtails & patch cords can be supplied in a variety of lengths, colors and with a variety of different connector types. Different fiber types and cable diameters are also available on request.

Features of FC/UPC Multimode Fiber Optic Pigtails:
1) Superior qualified standard PC, APC, UPC, SPC polishing;
2) 100% optic test: Insertion Loss: ≤0.3 (PC); ≤0.2 (APC); ≤0.2 (UPC); ≤0.3 (SPC);
3) 100% optic test: Return Loss: ≥45 (PC); ≥60 (APC); ≥55 (UPC); ≥50 (SPC);
4) φ0.9mm, φ2.0mm, φ3.0mm cable optional;
5) Single mode (9125) or multi mode (50/125 or 62.5/125) fiber available;
6) FC, SC, LC, MU, ST, MT-RJ, etc connector
7) Simplex and duplex connector available; 8) Good exchange ability and good durability;
9) Available in fiber bunch, ribbon fan-out, pigtail available;
10) Meets ISO9001, ROHS and Bell core GR 326-core standards;
11) Customized specifications are welcomed.

Applications of FC/UPC Single mode Fiber Optic Pigtails:
1) CATV, metro test equipment;
2) Telecommunication networks;
3) Local area networks (LAN);
4) Wide area networks (WAN);
5) Premise installations;
6) Data processing networks;
7) Video and military active device termination.

Fiber Optic Pigtail

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