Systematic evaluation and analysis method for LED product quality (2)

  Design elements that affect the performance of solid-state lighting, as stated, are often indescribable. The light produced by LEDs is only a small part of the overall evaluation system. For a complete evaluation, the installation process is as important as the product life cycle. Next we continue to look at some examples that are easy to question.

Electrical test

Tests in the electrical field also include driver efficiency, transient analysis, dimmer compatibility, power analysis, and high voltage testing of dielectric breakdown. Figure 3 shows some examples of electrical tests.

Drive efficiency is a measure of whether a current driver can provide perfect performance. In the test, the output power of the LED illumination is the sum of the forward voltage and each LED current.

Systematic evaluation and analysis method for LED product quality (2)

Figure 3 Electrical test should include transient analysis, product failure, dimmer compatibility test

The efficacy of the luminaire is the measure of how much the luminaire converts electrical energy into photons. The measured luminous flux is divided by the total input power (lm/W) to obtain an estimate of the performance in the solid state. Because performance is affected by electrical, photometric, optical, and thermal performance, it is good data for system performance. You can produce high output if you have a good light engine, but if the external crystal has too much light loss or the low power of the circuit drive line, the whole system is still inefficient.

The power factor is also one of the electrical measurements. The number of lamps connected in the power grid is huge, making the power factor a key parameter of the street lamp. The DLC requires that the lighting be specified to be greater than the rated value, typically 0.9. The closer to this value, the better the performance.

The power indicates that the voltage supply is in phase with the current consumed. In wide input voltage systems (eg, 120 to 277 VAC), the measured power should be the rated voltage within the input range (eg, 120, 122, and 277 AC). The worst measurement power, usually the highest rated voltage, needs to be submitted to the DLC later.

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