Yang Lixin: The core technology of aluminum substrate

On the afternoon of September 10th, “2013 East China LED Lighting Supply Chain Good Product Tour Seminar and High-tech Golden Globe Awards Annual LED Good Product Recruitment Activity (Xiamen Station)” was held in Xiamen Hotel.

LED industry association leaders and corporate leaders from Xiamen and Fujian provinces and Zhou Xuejun, marketing director of PhilpsLumileds Asia, Gong Wen, general manager of Jingtai Optoelectronics, Li Zhaohua, deputy general manager of Mingwei Electronics, and Yang Li, deputy general manager of Zhejiang Yuanda Electronics The general manager of Keda Optoelectronics, Kai Kaitai, and the supervisor of testing and testing, Wei Hongbin, and other more than 200 people in the LED industry gathered together and discussed in depth how to select and optimize the supply chain to reduce product costs.

In his keynote speech, Yang Lixin focused on the delamination, blistering and cracking of aluminum-based circuit boards. He believes that these problems are mainly caused by defects in the dielectric layer of the copper-clad laminate or the lamination process, and the production process of the circuit board. Reflow parameters; caused by moisture on the board.

At present, in the structural design, many companies are unclear about the parameters of the aluminum substrate. Yang Lixin said that the core of the aluminum substrate lies in the technology of high thermal conductivity insulation layer.

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