Beijing COFCO Xiangyun Model House Lighting Design

The COFCO Xiangyun model house in Shunyi District, Beijing, was designed by LSDCASA for the later period. Designers use happy colors, modern art and decorative arts to create a home full of dreams and temperament for the avant-garde and free masters.

In the decoration of the accessories, the designer makes full use of the fine and delicate wood, plus a combination of cotton, linen, leather and other materials. The entire space is not stressed or heavy due to the pure darkness of the furniture. Copper art, glass ornaments, ceramic bottles and so on, create a deep and transparent space and quality of life. The integration of the elements of Xiangyun combines the elegance of the West with the spirituality of the East, and the pop-pattern combination of fashion and glamour, in the ambiguous atmosphere of intertwined emotions and patterns, life reveals a flirtatious side.

In the bedroom design, the designer interprets the color more purely. Different blues emphasize the elegance and elegance of the environment with a simple shape. Furniture pursues balance and simplicity, because the bedroom is a place to rest, so the shape needs to convey a smooth and harmonious. Bedding chooses silk and flower patterns to reflect the feminine atmosphere. The side cabinets echoed the copper standing lights on the side. The bright yellow flowers on the cabinets seemed to come out from behind the paintings. It was just a matter of thought.

Space is avant-garde and unique in such color and elemental collocations, with an unusual charm. Simple life reveals the ultimate in romance and tolerance. Feel the relaxed and relaxed taste in the simple shape, and feel the joy of the mood in the bright colors.

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