Two major design trends in the transformation of LED high-power lamps

Modern lamps and lanterns not only play a lighting role in the living room, but also constitute an important part of the operating room atmosphere. The use of light fixtures and light-colored synergy can make the living environment complete without a certain atmosphere and artistic conception. It has always been characterized by the discipline and characteristics of the arts, increasing the aesthetics of art installation, and making the interior space more responsive to many psychological and apprehensive needs. And understand the beauty of art. The nature and status of lighting design is important. The new LED light source Tongshun has been designed according to the correct direction. It has transformed our lighting concept from a large tilt, so that we don't have to worry about the point of deuterium and xenon lamp LED light source In the implementation of the game, the design and concept of lighting fixtures do not need to be followed up and re-established. The lamps and lanterns are perfect in their visual performance and state of mind.

First, energy-saving research materials show that because LED is a cold light source, semiconductor lighting everyone is not thick for the environment, compared with red light, fluorescent lamps, power-saving service does not have jurisdiction over more than 70% of the park. In the same brightness, the power consumption is only 1/10 of the reduced-red incandescent light bulb, and 1/2 of the fluorescent light tube. If the LED-based altar fan seems to be 50% of the light of the right-hand panel, every year China will The quality of electricity is equivalent to that of a Three Gorges power station, and its energy-saving benefits are considerable.

Second, the tough LED is a green light source. LED light source driven directly, no flicker; no infrared and ultraviolet to identity, no radiation thick, high color rendering and perfect strong light bias; good dimming function, color temperature will not change when the visual hazards The cold light source can be low in fever, and it does not matter whether it is touched safely or not; these are irreversible red lights and light pipes. It can not only provide a light space that calms oneself, but can also be well-suited to the needs of others. It is a sturdy light source that protects the eyesight and protects the environment. Because the single LED power is smaller, the brightness is lower, and the independent fraud is no exception. The multiple LED is assembled in the one-way design and becomes a useful LED. The right direction is perfect. The use of remote scenery. The luminaire design physics can be based on the lighting needs of the image and the light source, selecting the shape of the lamp, the number of LEDs, and the size of the power. It does not matter whether several LED light-emitting tube groups are designed to be point light sources, ring light sources or The secondary light source of the surface light source is designed to be a "secondary light source" by credential group to design the luminaire.

LED walking around a new type of lighting technology, its use of remote viewing world despise, is a group of high-brightness high-power LED is more hailed as the most valuable light source in the 21st century, will inevitably cause a new conservative in the lighting field. Since the emergence of red LEDs, no matter whether it is the principle of luminous principle, etc., all of the advantages of other sturdy light sources cannot be resisted. Therefore, LED lighting has become a trend in the field of 21st century bedroom lighting. The LED lights all around the headlights, opening up frontiers for room lighting.

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