The world's first "true LED" TV made in Beijing

Beijing Liarde Optoelectronics yesterday offline LED display panel TV ---

The world's first LED TV was born in Beijing Zhongguancun High-tech Enterprise - Liard Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. yesterday, filling a gap in LED applications in China and the world. According to reports, with the establishment of the manufacturing base of Liard in Shenzhen, Yizhuang will be relocated to Beijing. In the future, the high-tech products that bring together more than 30 inventions and utility model patents of Liard will become purely “Made in Beijing”.

People are not too strange to LED TVs, because there are many LED TVs launched by many color TV manufacturers at home and abroad. So why did Liard’s product launched yesterday be called “the world’s first”? In this regard, Li Jun, chairman of the Liard Optoelectronics Co., Ltd., explained yesterday that the name of the LED TV in the market should be called "LED backlight LCD TV", because these products are only backlights using advanced LED technology, and its display panel is still a traditional LCD; and this time Liard launched a "real" LED TV because of its The use of LED as a display panel can truly bring out the advantages of LED, which is the first in the world. He introduced that the display screen of this kind of TV is made up of seamlessly splicing one LED module. "It can be assembled into any size TV screen according to the requirements. In theory, it is how big it is to be." Since the cost of the conventional LCD screen will increase sharply with the increase of the size, the LED screen does not have this problem, so it can be said that the bigger the screen, the more advantageous it is. Moreover, the biggest advantage of such an LED display panel is that once a local fault or damage occurs, it is only necessary to replace the corresponding LED module, instead of being scrapped as a normal LCD panel. In addition, the LED display panel is also more excellent in terms of smooth movement and color performance of the TV screen, and its luminous brightness is nearly five times higher than that of the liquid crystal panel, but it is more than 60% energy-saving.

However, the reporter learned that due to the characteristics of LED TV and the cost, the technology is still mainly used for large screens and TV walls in public places, and it is not possible to enter the home in the short term. Liard's LED TVs currently have a minimum size of 72 inches, costing between three and four hundred thousand dollars, and the largest is more than 120 inches. It is understood that the LED display products of Liard have been widely used in the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympic Games, the main display of Tiananmen Square on the 60th anniversary of the National Day, the Shanghai World Expo venue and the Guangzhou Asian Games venue. Among them, the "picture scroll" and "fantasy five rings" on the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympic Games adopted products from Liard. Today, Liard has applied these technologies to the commercial TV field. Currently, the company has received orders for more than 50 new LEDs, and the products will be deployed in defense, surveillance and commercial advertising.

Although it is a home-grown Beijing enterprise, the current manufacturing base of Liard is far from Shenzhen, and R&D, sales and service are in Beijing. According to Li Jun, chairman of the Liard Optoelectronics Co., Ltd., the company has already started to move the Shenzhen production base to Yizhuang, Beijing, and to lay out the industrial upgrade of LED TV. According to the plan, the Liad Yizhuang base will form a production capacity of 100,000 LED TVs in three years, with an annual output value of 10 billion yuan. At that time, Liard LED TV will be assembled in Beijing from the research and development, production, sales to service, to achieve the true "Beijing manufacturing" of LED TV.

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