Foxconn exhibited a giant high-resolution full-color LED screen at the high-tech fair

Recently, at the high-tech fair held in Shenzhen, Foxconn exhibited the "Five Screens and One Cloud" innovative technology products, which are up to 5.7 meters wide and 3.07 meters wide and have a dot spacing of only 3 mm (the smaller the dot pitch, the higher the screen). High-resolution full-color LED screens are the most eye-catching.

Foxconn participated in the high-tech fair and exhibited its innovative intellectual property products such as “Five Screens and One Cloud”, “LED Lighting” and “Panel Display Technology”. Among them, "five screens and one cloud" refers to mobile phone screens, computer screens, TV screens, e-book screens, LED screens and cloud computing. Foxconn's "Cloud Smart Technology" includes five parts: Cloud System, Cloud Lianyun Interactive Display, Cloud Ddta Center + Intelligent Monitoring, Triple Play and eBook + LED Light + Solar Electronics Display Board. Intelligent Internet technology integrates transportation, consumption, business space and other activities in daily life applications into a unified IoT platform and integrates into the scope of intelligent life.

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