MOCVD sales push Veeco to see another $1 billion in 2011

Veeco, the US manufacturing company of MOCVD, has a total revenue of 933 million US dollars in 2010, the highest in history. It can be said that its MOCVD machine market share has grown rapidly in 2010, and it has grown 16 from the beginning of 2010 to the end of 2010. Percentage points. In the fourth quarter of 2010, MOCVD sales were $240 million, which is the best record since Veeco began selling MOCVD.

However, the order-to-bill ratio of the LED & Solar division of Veeco MOCVD has decreased quarter by quarter since the first quarter of 2010. The fourth quarter of 2010 has fallen below 1 for the first time in five quarters, indicating that the impact of stagnant orders in Korea continues to ferment. Despite this, Veeco believes that the stagnation of orders in South Korea is only a temporary phenomenon, and the number of customers in the mainland continues to increase, so it is still optimistic about the future MOCVD market.

Veeco's confidence in the big environment comes from the increasing demand for LEDs from 2011 to 2015. Both LED backlight LCD TVs and LED lighting will have significant growth. Veeco predicts that LED TVs will account for 2015. LCD TV penetration will reach 100%, and LED lighting will reach 70 billion, so 5,000 MOCVD will be required to supply huge LED chip demand.

Veeco said that the best way to increase LED penetration is to reduce production costs. Therefore, in 2011, it announced new products that can significantly increase the production capacity per unit area of ​​the factory. With the new products, its 2011 revenue will see 1 billion US dollars. .

An anti-theft system is any device or method used to prevent or deter the unauthorized appropriation of items considered valuable. Theft is one of the most common and oldest criminal behaviors specially happened popularly at Telecom base site and power station from ASEAN, Africa and Asia, etc.  Our anti-theft systems via GPS tracking management technology have been evolved to match the introduction of new inventions to stationary batteries and the resulting thief been caught as soon as stealing the batteries.
At present, there are huge number of Telecom base stations all over the world, the vast majority of sites are located in remote areas with any unattended which are stolen seriously. Theft violently destroy the infrastructure of the base station and steal batteries, resulting in serious losses such as communication breaking and stations maintenance. The conventional protective measures, such as iron guardrail, external positioning alarm device, and anti-theft screw, not only are unable to achieve your desired effect, but also have the disadvantages of higher cost, lower battery life and weaker concealment.
Our battery anti-theft solution and Monitoring Tracing system is comprised of GPS module and software operation platform. This equipment includes GPS satellite positioning system and network positioning system, that is GPS+LBS dual intelligent positioning mode. It has the function of satellite positioning, base station locating, remote reset, remote upgrade, fence alarm, tracking replay, battery low voltage alarm, vibration alarm,etc.   
The utility model aims at resolving the problem that an Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) storage battery of a field station can not guard against a thief effectively and providing a global position system (GPS) and anti-theft monitoring tracing system for a storage battery. A terminal module is connected with a management platform and mobile phone signals through a mobile communication network. The terminal module comprise a GPS module, a central processing unit (CPU) module connected with a mobile communication network module and a vibration transducer connected with the CPU module.

Battery GPS Anti-Theft System

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