3D software and hardware fly over Blu-ray to accelerate the popularization of 3D technology

In 2011, we will usher in a year of rapid development of 3D content software. The overflight of 3D hardware and software makes the best carrier of 3D content, the accelerated popularization of Blu-ray devices, become the trend of the times. The Blu-ray player manufacturers' frequent shots, from the source and price, let Blu-ray HD enjoy the steps of ordinary people.

18650 battery is cylindrical rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery. for 18650 single cell, its size is high 65mm and diameter 18mm.18650 also has many advantages,such as high energy density, excellent charge retention, long cycle life, low self-discharge rate, low resistance, no memory effect and non-pollution. our company has been committed to manufacture 18650 battery pack for many years. Hope to provide best green power solution for you!

Cylindrical Lithium Ion Battery-18650

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