The glory of the original high-level job-hopping 360 first thing to send a cell phone

[IT168 News] Near the end of 2016, Lenovo, 360, ZTE and other major mobile phone manufacturers have successively changed their positions. Among them, Li Kaixin, the new head of the 360 ​​mobile phone, took the lead in debut recently. According to public information, Li Kaixin previously worked for Huawei, Ren Rongyao vice president of global sales, partner too cool to send the current CEO Liu Jiangfeng, witnessed the glory brand's growth history, has a very rich mobile phone industry experience. In April of this year, Li Kaixin left for glory and joined 360 mobile phone as senior vice president of sales. He was promoted to executive vice president some time ago and succeeded Zhu Fanghao in the day-to-day operations of 360 mobile phones.

What is quite surprising is that Li Kaixin's first microblog is not to pull powder for himself but to directly promote his own products. Zhou Hongyi drizzles netizens' private messages in Weibo and writes: It may be that the N4S Xiaolong version is selling well. Recently, he always received private letters from netizens and asked me if N4S is gray. I think it is necessary to be a Responded. N4S Xiaolong version is accurate, high quality, sales really out of my expectations, but still not perfect. @360 Li Kaixin, I think we should also make a gray version to meet the needs of consumers.

Shortly afterwards, Li Kaixin relayed Zhou Hongwei's Weibo and said: The gray N4S Xiaolong version has already been done and everyone can see it immediately. In the afternoon, Li Kaixin made a second microblog and released a few pictures of the dragon version of the dragon. At the same time, it also pumped 10 gray version of the 360N4S new machine as a gift.

It can be seen that, with the 14nm flagship technology, Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 CPU and 4GB RAM + 64GB ROM super configuration, plus 5000mAh battery capacity and fast charge, for only 1299 yuan N4S Snapdragon version at almost this price segment With its unsurpassable advantages, Li Kaixin, the new leader of 360 mobile phones, has confidence in the product. Taking into account the background of his sales and the upcoming year-end media communication conference to be held on the 360 ​​mobile phone, Li Kaixin is likely to sell this product everywhere like the old Zhou. High cost-effective mobile phone. The new English color matching is more calm and deep, and the facial value is quite good. For the “watching” mobile phone market, this new machine with a cost-effective ratio and value ratio may make Li Kaixin usher in a good start.

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