Four core areas cut into the MediaTek car chip plan

MediaTek officially announced its entry into the automotive chip market, which will be cut into four core areas: ADAS, millimeter wave radar, automotive infotainment system and TelemaTIcs. . .

MediaTek officially announced its entry into the automotive chip market at the end of November, from image-based Vision-based ADAS, Millimeter Wave Radar (mmWave Radar), and automotive Four core areas, such as In-Vehicle Infotainment and TelemaTIcs, provide global automotive manufacturers with complete and highly integrated system solutions for product lines; the first wave of automotive chips is expected The solution will be released in the first quarter of 2017.

MediaTek said that as the Internet of Vehicles and Automated Vehicles continue to grow, automakers need advanced technologies with high computing power, low power consumption, and cost-effectiveness to help them win market opportunities; the company is in smart phones. The rich and complete technical foundations in the areas of home entertainment, wireless connectivity and the Internet of Things will bring innovative multimedia, wireless link and sensor solutions to the entire automotive industry.

Xu Jingquan, deputy general manager of MediaTek and general manager of the new business development department, said: "The Internet of Vehicles and self-driving cars require a unique combination of technologies. The core competitiveness of MediaTek allows us to reach the field of automotive chip design. The past 12 years MediaTek invests more than $10 billion in research and development funding, accumulating complete and leading technical capabilities, including modem/RF related technologies, computer computing, wireless links and intelligent algorithms. Based on these technical foundations, we have developed more Many of the products that meet the needs of future driving needs, we will bring different solutions in the core areas of automotive infotainment systems, vehicle communication systems and safety advanced driver assistance systems, and move towards the future of autonomous driving."

About 1.5 billion networked devices with built-in MediaTek chip solutions are available worldwide each year. This ability to support large-scale product development and production will benefit automakers and their suppliers. MediaTek plans to provide system solutions for automakers from four core areas:

· Image-based advanced driver assistance system - MediaTek's advanced driver assistance system is rebuilt from the ground up, using the industry's leading Vision Processing Unit (VPU) to process in real time with optimized performance and power consumption. A large amount of image data. MediaTek uses Machine Learning technology to improve detection accuracy and speed, enhance object recognition and tracking capabilities, and provide decision-making performance that is comparable to human behavior.

· mmWave Radar - MediaTek develops millimeter-wave radars using the technology base that has accumulated many years of high-frequency radio frequency. The millimeter-wave radar is millimeter-scale. Compared with acoustic or light-wave radar, the high-frequency millimeter-wave radar is not affected by weather factors such as fog, rain, snow, etc., and has high penetration, thus providing higher precision detection. Sex, object resolution and detection capabilities.

· Automotive infotainment system—Using high-performance 2D and 3D processing to ensure the highest levels of efficiency and speed, MediaTek offers highly integrated navigation and multimedia capabilities and connectivity options for automotive infotainment systems.

· Vehicle-to-use communication system - MediaTek's telematics system provides a powerful solution for handling various data transmission tasks with extremely high bandwidth requirements, while supporting multiple wireless connection technologies (4G/3G/2G) Wireless communication, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth/Low-power Bluetooth, etc. and map-related applications. MediaTek's telematics system inherits the company's core strengths: high performance, high system integration, support for a wide range of networking and linking technologies.

Since there are no chip suppliers on the market that can provide complete and highly integrated solutions, car manufacturers can only work with multiple suppliers at the same time, and need to spend additional resources to solve communication between different products or systems. And integration. MediaTek offers products covering the four core areas of the Internet of Vehicles and future autonomous driving applications, enabling automakers to obtain more complete solutions and reduce development manpower and cost.

Xu Jingquan added: "The complex system of high-tech cars in the future will require highly integrated chips, innovative power management technologies and advanced features to achieve the highest security requirements and the best driving experience; MediaTek will be the future car Provide a highly integrated and complete solution to fill the gap in the current automotive chip market."

MediaTek has accumulated rich experience in multiple product fields such as digital TV, tablet computer, DVD and Blu-ray player. It also provides intuitive and easy-to-use software and hardware platforms for home smart networking products and smart phones. The company is in advanced systems. Three-chip (SoC) design, multimedia capabilities and wireless link technology continue to advance these advantages, and will extend these advantages to automotive chips to power future driving.

In addition, MediaTek also stated that the announcement of its entry into the automotive chip market is an important step after the company has established a strategic cooperation framework with the Chinese company NavInfo; this marks NavInfo, MediaTek, and WISCO’s newly acquired Jiefa Technology (formerly It belongs to the three parties of MediaTek's subsidiary and fully enters the key stage of technology R&D and business integration.

MediaTek said that in the future, Jiefa Technology will continue to provide in-vehicle infotainment system solutions. MediaTek will not compete with Jiefa Technology in the same or similar fields. For products other than in-vehicle infotainment system chips, MediaTek will give priority to NavInfo and Jiefa. Science and technology cooperation.

NavInfo said that MediaTek's entry into the automotive chip market is an important measure for the cooperation of the three parties. This will not only help Jiefa to enhance its business capabilities, but also leverage the advantages of NavInfo in industry and software technology to jointly develop the market and open up. The situation forms an effective linkage. After acquiring Jiefa Technology and establishing a solid strategic partnership with MediaTek, NavInfo will form a complete "high-precision map + chip + computing + system platform" vehicle network and auto-driving integrated solution map.

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