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PConline Skills A variety of electrical appliances in the home are like a diligent employee. They work diligently in their respective positions every day and provide their own strength to our lives. We have just finished the National Day holiday, then we should also give a small holiday to the appliances, good to clean them.


The cleaning of hoods has always been a problem for people to worry about. The kitchen as a heavy smoke, the cleaning of hoods is a burden for many people. Most people use the dismantling cleaning when cleaning the range hoods. Today Xiaobian introduced a cleaning method that can achieve the purpose of cleaning without removing the range hood.

Preparation before cleaning:

Wipes, plastic bottles, sewing needles, detergent, warm water.

Cleaning steps:

1. Use a sewing needle to poke more than 10 small holes on the lid of the plastic bottle, then put a proper amount of detergent, and add hot and cold water to shake evenly;

2. Start the range hood and spray the cleaning liquid on the part to be washed with a plastic bottle filled with detergent. At this time, it can be seen that the oil and dirty water flow into the oil storage tank, and they are filled with water;

3. After the cleaning liquid in the bottle is used up, continue to configure and repeat the cleaning until the dirty water flowing out becomes clear;

4. If a net cover is installed outside the fan blade, the net cover can be removed first to enhance the cleaning effect;

5. Use a rag to clean the area around the suction port, the housing surface, and the lampshade.

Summary: Before using the hood, because the cling film is relatively thin and the adsorption force is good, we can cover the surface of the hood with plastic wrap. After a period of time, the cling film is dirty, and it will be torn off and replaced directly. This eliminates the need for cleaning. Hood. In addition, the hood is used to hold oil in the middle of the small box, it is best to plug a few pieces of rough toilet paper to absorb the oil, the full suction and then replace the new, can also play a role in the absorption of oil.

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Wall-mounted air conditioner

Entering October, compared to August and September, the weather began to cool, so the air conditioning also began to enter its "hibernation", and before it was on vacation, we should also clean it.

Preparation before cleaning:

Air Conditioning Cleanser, Rag, Water Basin

Cleaning steps:

Before cleaning, of course, the power plug of the air conditioner must be unplugged first, and safety production is always the first.

Both sides of the air conditioner will have a concave design to facilitate the user to open the air conditioning cover.

Dismantling the filter is very simple, the filter is not locked inside the air conditioner with any screw, just stuck inside the air conditioner.

Flushing the filter can remove some of the dust. For stubborn dust, you can only soak, and then use a soft brush to scrub the filter.

After confirming that the heat sink is in a clean condition, we can spray the heat sink with a disinfectant. A bottle of 360 ml of disinfectant can be used to disinfect and clean the two wall-mounted air conditioners. Therefore, everyone should not spray too much into the air conditioner. Disinfectant.

Reinstall the filter, cover the air conditioner cover, turn on the power supply, and let the air conditioner operate in recooling mode for 15-30 minutes. The sewage inside will be discharged automatically with the drain. Here, the air-conditioning cleaning work is completed.

Summary: Most people in our lives will ignore the issue of air-conditioning cleanliness, and often the air-conditioner is already filthy, and many of us still do not know that the use of long-term unclean air-conditioning is not only not good for our health , but also affect the operating quality of air conditioning. Therefore, if your home's air conditioning is not clean for a long time, it is still a matter of hurry.

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washing machine

We use washing machines every day to wash our clothes. Therefore, cleaning of washing machines is one of the daily cleaning tasks that we must do. Many users think that the cleaning of a washing machine is nothing more than wiping and then drying. In fact, this is a misunderstanding. If the washing machine's inner tube is not regularly cleaned, scales, washing powder, clothing, cellulose, human organisms, and clothing bring in bacteria. And so on, it will directly harm the human skin and reproductive system.

Preparation before cleaning:

Descaler, container 1, empty bucket.

Cleaning steps:

1. Pour the scale remover into a container and mix it with water in a ratio of 1:2 and mix well;

2. Take off the drain of the washing machine, place it on top of an empty bucket, close the water valve and the door of the washing machine;

3, open the washing machine "detergent add box", pour into a good tune descaling fluid;

4, press the washing machine power, adjust the washing machine to the "laundry program", then the scale remover will flow from the drain into the prepared barrel, and other descaling fluid flow, then re-fall the barrel of descaling solution In the "detergent addition box", repeat the action until the cleaning program is completed, and then open the filter to clean the filter;

5. Open the inlet valve, restore the drain pipe to its original position, re-select the washing procedure, make the washing tub run again, and let the clean water wash the washing tub. After the procedure is finished, clean the filter again.

Use a washing machine cleaner to sterilize

Summary: Under normal circumstances, after five months of using the new washing machine, the bacteria began to increase, and it was necessary to clean it regularly. Many users directly cover the cover of the washing machine after washing clothes. In fact, this is very easy to breed bacteria. I suggest that after the washing machine is finished, the cover should be opened and allowed to air for one to two hours.

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Household drinking fountains

People live without water, so home drinking fountains can be seen in many homes. In addition to the professional cleaning of home drinking fountains, in fact, we can usually try to do some simple cleaning work yourself.

Preparation before cleaning:

Alcohol cotton, decontamination effervescent tablet or disinfectant.

Cleaning steps:

1, cut off the power, remove the bucket, open the outlet behind the water dispenser, drain net water, and then open the hot and cold water switch to discharge water;

2. Remove the “smart seat” (ie, the part of the drinking fountain that contacts the mineral water bucket), and carefully scrub the inner and outer sides of the water dispenser liner and lid with alcohol cotton;

3, in accordance with the instruction manual decontamination effervescent tablets or disinfectant disinfectant, import water dispenser, so that disinfectant filling the entire cavity, indwelling 10-15 minutes;

4. Open all the switches of the water dispenser, including the discharge pipe and drinking water switch, and drain the disinfectant;

5. Continuously rinse the entire cavity of the water dispenser with clean water, and open all the switches to discharge the rinse liquid;

6, put a glass of water, smell the smell of chlorine, if there is, then release the water, until it smells no smell.

Remove "smart seat" for cleaning

Summary: drinking fountains as a new life of small home appliances, has become every household must home appliances. Ordinary household drinking fountains should be disinfected after 3-6 months of use. The drinking fountains will not be cleaned for more than 3 months. The large amount of bacteria and harmful substances produced will cause digestive, neurological, urinary, and hematopoietic system disorders. Therefore, it is necessary to clean the drinking fountains!

Summary of the full text: It can be said that the cleanliness of home appliances has been closely related to our physical health. Therefore, while we are using home appliances, we can not ignore the maintenance of home appliances. In addition, regular cleaning and maintenance of home appliances, but also can extend the useful life of electrical appliances, so, in addition to giving yourself a holiday, we also have to put a small holiday electrical appliances, do cleaning work.

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